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Coming Up:


Wednesday, 8 April 2020

CANCELLATION EXPECTED for April 2020's FORMAL social meetup (Normally:: 18th of every month - The LAS Social. Blue Boar, Ludlow, 8pm)

Dear all,
PLEASE NOTE: THIS EVENT, in its formal format, is cancelled due to health reasons.

LAS is not formally convening or hosting the usual LAS social event this month.

Future formal Socials will be reviewed as the situation develops, changes, and resolves.
Thank you for your patience.
Stay safe, and I hope your time includes as much Art as you wish.


Matt Smart, LAS


A typical LAS Social would be.....

All welcome to the monthly LAS Socials, from 8pm at the Blue Boar in Ludlow. 

Even if you are not a member of the Art Society, come along and meet local and regional artists. If you are a member and have not been to a social before, bring someone along if you like.

The Socials are on Facebook as Events, 18th of each month, so you can click "Interested" or "Going" and you will get a reminder when it's near, or you can check your FB calendar.  And share it with arts friends.

We gather on the 18th of every month. Typically about 10-20 of us. We talk about our projects, and anything. It's just a friendly gathering in a warm pub, with arts interests.
We plan exhibitions, share ideas and techniques, get advice, share stories, and laugh a lot. It's the Social of the Ludlow Arts Society.

Best turn up any time before 10pm.

Members, come and share what's going on, and find out more about the LAS events and aims and plans. 
Non-members too.

Happy art-making and thinking, everyone. 

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