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Friday, 13 December 2019

Spotlight: Tolkein

Spotlight, this December, glows across lands like a fire in a mountain cave, the eye of Sauron, or a beam from a wizard's staff.  We look at the art of JRR Tolkein, creator of 'Lord of the Rings' and 'The Hobbit', and other worlds.  And this one.
Many of his drawings for The Hobbit were found in 2011, and have been exhibited and published over the past few years.
There are also many recently discover illustrations that do not relate to his books, but simply show his artistic proclivities and skills.  
So much has arisen through those thoughts and forms.  Whole visions that have shaped our world as well as the worlds on paper and page.

If the past few weeks have seemed like a mixture of 'Downton Abbey' meets 'Zombie Apocalypse', we can take comfort in the Palaces and orc hordes of 'Lord of the Rings', the contested strongholds and personal journeys, shared directions, and heavy burdens, and the onward journeys.  
It's all there in metaphor and tale.
I hope this continues to show us all, if needed, what culture means and does, and the part it plays in everything we are, and we become.  These creations are part of the real world as well as fantasy worlds - and also the areas in between, where life and fantasy intermix.  
Merry Christmas and happy tales to all LAS members, and everyone near you.
See you at a LAS social, or a LAS talk.  It's part of what we're all about!

Themes of Lord of the Rings:
Town of Culture:

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