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Thursday, 25 April 2019

Hiding in Plain Sight

An exhibition in two parts by LAS member Tamsin Bridge

Part One - 4th to 11th May – Ludlow Library, Peter Hadley Bookshop, Tiger Lily, Blue Cross, Rickards, Castle Bookshop, Twenty Twenty Gallery, Local to Ludlow HQ and Ludlow Castle.

Part Two - 15th to 25th May, at Photo Space – Gallery One, Quality Square, Ludlow SY8 1AR

This exhibition is part of a wider project which explores the nature of story – the way it morphs and multiplies with each new telling, through time and space. Themes include forest, fairy-tale, home and childhood memory. In part one of the exhibition, a series of story boxes will be exhibited in both unconventional and conventional exhibition spaces, without being immediately obvious. Part two explores how the story boxes ‘behave’ when they are exhibited together in an installation. Photographs will support part two. The project is towards an MA in Fine Art from Hereford college of Art. The image shows a piece called, House of Whispers.

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