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Friday, 12 January 2018

Portal - a new ceramic project in Ludlow

A project delivered by Loudwater Studios, funded through the Arts Council. 

"We are advertising for people to come to Loudwater Studios to cast a Porcelain door handle as part of the collaborative light installation which we hope to site in Mortimer Forest as a temporary light installation next year. We have a number of workshop days at Loudwater Studios and are also visiting other sites, community spaces and school groups. We would love people from the community to come and share their stories of Shropshire whilst creating an individual ceramic piece. To book your place on a workshop please visit
"Inspired by traditional folk and fairy tales, the door handle being a Portal into the lives of residents, these workshops will explore this rural community and the relationship of residents to the twon and the individual stories that lie behind the door Working with renowned ceramics artist Emma Summers you will choose and learn how to cast your own ceramic piece as part of a collaborative installation work."

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