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Thursday, 17 August 2017

Duchamp commemorated at LAS Summer Exhibition - Next Week!

Will the exhibit of a urinal get the same treatment as a century ago when Marcel Duchamp’s exhibit was rejected?
Our Summer Exhibition opens to the public on the 23rd August at St. Laurence’s Church with a ‘splash’, 2017 being the centenary of the outrageous attempt to exhibit a urinal in New York.  If anyone thinks the Ludlow Art Society is dull, the celebration of the centenary of this momentous event should change that perception.  Readers of this blog are invited to a private reception at 6.30pm on the 22nd August at St. Laurence's.  Martin Evans the Welsh poet is rising to the occasion with a delicate verse or two to celebrate.

Marcel Duchamp was a French artist who became famous when he attempted to exhibit his work at the inaugural exhibition of the Society of Independent Artists.  His exhibit was in fact a simple urinal and the only work done was to sign it R MUTT and to grace it with the title of "Fountain".  It was rejected by the selectors, but nonetheless the event is considered by art historians as a major landmark in 20th century art. The original urinal was lost but the artist commissioned replicas.

All the art exhibited at our exhibition is original and most is for sale, with prices ranging from tens to hundreds of pounds. Admission is free and the exhibition is open daily from 10am to 5pm (Sunday opens 12 noon), closing at 2pm on 31st August.

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