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Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Spotlight - the art of Connecting

This month's Spotlight is inspired by the (go and see it) Ludlow Fringe Art Trail - Art For Everyone. So many talented and dedicated people have made it happen. Of course art can bring joy and learning and peace and appreciation of our surroundings. Art also connects people.
 Michaelangelo's 'The Creation of Adam' includes a visual connection - almost touching fingers, anyway - in the creation of humankind as beings of joy and learning and peace and appreciation of our surroundings... Well, mostly we are. Maybe that is why the fingers are almost touching.
A line can be a connector, in diagrams and telecommunications. Francis Alys poured a 'Thin Green Line' of paint as a notion of connection, and of separation - a border on a map.
My experience of the Ludlow Art Trail is of many connections made.
Art connects the artists with eachother, and with keen visitors. It connects Art Trail people and activities with the performers of the Fringe, and those who run it. And it connects visitors with one another.
Vincent van Gogh, 'Midday'...
...In a gallery we often connect silently through shared mood when looking at a painting, with people we know and those we don't (yet, maybe). Or we connect when a work of art is a talking point. Often both. Like the weather, fine arts can shape a collective mood, and be a topic of conversation.
Street Art is mostly about connection. (That image is not of a street sculpture, by the way. That piece is painted onto those 3 walls.)
While I have been at the Art Trail, one memorable connection has been with two kids, boisterous lads, one particularly so, sometimes on bikes, who started talking about the aeroplane installed at St Laurence's church. They came back, and came in (through the gate, though one was very good at transcending the railings - the line of railings was, like Francis Alys' line of paint, a symbolic barrier). They asked lots, we chatted lots, and I helped one have his first go at using a drill (as he had picked it up, with apparently trigger-intented interest). He wanted help to help me drill a piece I was working on, and said so: "I don't want to mess it up." 
Enjoy the Fringe and the Art Trail's connectivess. There's magic to be had, and great characters to meet.
Dive in.
Nice weather in that painting by van Gogh!

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