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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Spotlight - Revelations from a pinpoint perspective

This month, Spotlight closes one eye and takes a distorted mono-look at perspective.

In the proliferation of cameras that are so clever that you do not even need to leave the house to take pictures of cities and landscapes, the rise in the interest in capturing moments (or simply capturing the light they give) is becoming more diverse. Pinhole photography - a box with a tiny hole aperture, and photo-sensitive paper inside - captures exaggerated perspective with intriguing, monochromatic intensity.

As with philosophical perspectivism, the foreshortening in pinhole photography emphasises questions as to whether any way of seeing the world can be definitively, objectively true. Perspective...

Luz en la Piel, pinhole photography among prisoners project, 
Latin America. 

With pinhole photography, a long exposure is needed. 

With this long view, moving objects are barely captured, as if ghosts that do not exist, such as the evanescent figure near the tricycle - depending upon your personal perspective, perhaps.
Ben Peters

In a time when not much seems fixed, much seems transient and fleeting, and it is difficult to discern the marks made by those which come and go; when many people see things in black and white, and we may tend to see some things in exaggerated perspective, through viewing a small part of the world from a little box… consider the evident distortions of pinhole photography, and the ways we can capture telling images of the world around us.
Ennerdale, by Mark Tweedie

There is beauty in appreciating perspective. Our vision box does not have to be small. The pinhole light principle works with large enclosures, such as camera obscura, and can be done, as was this photograph, with travel luggage.
C.Freeman, suitcase portraits 

There are various kits to make a pinhole camera, as well as simple instructions on how to build one from household objects, such as this guide on how to make a camera from a matchbox It includes instructions on putting a small but sensitive piece of paper in a little box - instructions that may be helpful if you wish to give light a go.
Enjoy a sense of perspective, from the end of April showers, to our next blog at the end of May.
Diego López Calvín - Tower of London 

Pinhole photography also offers a perspective on the awareness of perspectives.
As a voting paper in a sealed ballot box captures one perspective, at one particular time, with starkly monochromatic results, and some stay in view while others drift off as ghosts, whatever result you get from pinhole photography is likely to be blurry. Like leadership contests, the result will foreshorten what you see in front of you. The vision you get will depict some aspects of the world as being bigger than they truly are, other aspects of our world may be covered up by those that are exaggerated, and some will fade into the distance, as a speck whose reconstruction may rely on memory and belief. 
With a pinhole camera, as with sensitive paper in a ballot box, what you get may not be what you expected. It will emphasise the effect of distortion, and that all images, in isolation, are a limited perspective. Photography can easily be taken for granted because we have such ready access to images, and look at them disposably, for just a moment. Which photograph, among those here, or just among a choice of three of them, would you frame and hang on your wall for a week? For 10 months? For at least four years? The empty jetty? The figure close to us under a tree? A prisoner's self portrait? 
Choose wisely. And remember that there is a bigger choice. What adorns your wall does not always have to be a perspective offered by others. We can make our own.

As for the joke about cameras so clever that you do not need to leave the house…

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

LAS Demonstration and Talk: Discussion "Beyond Teaching" by Minter-Kemp

LAS Demonstration and Talk: Discussion "Beyond Teaching" by Minter-Kemp
11May17, 7pm for 7:30 start, Ludlow Assembly Rooms. Bring your sketch pad.
(Claire) Minter-Kemp has been a professional artist for 20 years. She is unusually versatile and can turn her hand to sculpture and portrait painting as well as producing cards and associated products. There is an undercurrent of gentle humour running throughout her work, underscored by a technical excellence in drawing and draughtsmanship.

Calling all Artists: Church Stretton Arts Festival, open for registrations

It's that time of year again!
Registration forms for the Church Stretton Art, Crafts and Photography Exhibition 2017 are now available.  Follow this link to the information web page where you can enter online, sign up for stewarding or download the entry forms for printing and submission by post.
Paper copies are available at several outlets in Church Stretton, including Barbara's Framing, Scrappies and the Library, and at art galleries around Shropshire.
Please note...
As there is additional display space, the organisers have increased the number of craft exhibits which may be entered. Please check the entry forms and Conditions of Entry.
The deadline for submissions is 30 June 2017.

Diary Dates
Set up day: Saturday 29 July 2017 at Church Stretton School, Shrewsbury Road SY6 6EX, from 10am to 12 noon.
Opening night: Monday 31 July 2017, 7.30pm at Church Stretton School
Exhibition: Tuesday 1 August 2017 to Saturday 12 August 2017, 11am to 6pm at Church Stretton School. The opening time is extended to 7.15pm when there is an evening performance at the school.
Collection day: Sunday 13 August 2017 at Church Stretton School from 10am to 12 noon.

Monday, 17 April 2017

Melissa Hunt's Jewellery Making Courses

Jewellery maker Melissa Hunt is well known in the region, both for her jewellery design and also her teaching at Westhope College. Melissa has moved into her own, purpose-built studios in Brampton Bryan, from where she will be running a series of one- and two-day courses, as well as a weekly evening class. More details here and 2017 calendar here.

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Spring Exhibition Prizes and Favourites

The exhibition is over. Paintings are collected and display screens put to bed until next time.

Let's take this opportunity to thank all the artists for taking part, all the members whose hard work made it happen, the church of St.Laurence for their forbearance, and not least, Stephen Treasure of Treasure & Sons whose deft intervention saved us from a crisis.

Best in show choices and prizes were awarded as follows:

The President's choice: Mousehole Harbour by Wilfred Langford
The Mayor's choice: Chewing the Cud by Lesley Connolly (centre)
Ludlow Brewery prize: Medi Heights by Dave Tedham (left)
Castle Bookshop prize: Stokesay by Rob Leckey
Chang Thai prize: Vote Remain by Martin Dutton (right)

Apologies to Wilfred and Rob whose paintings I failed to photograph in time: if you can send me your own photos I'll add them in.

The best in show slips have all been counted and the ten most popular works are as follows:


31 George Y Loades RBSA BWS Dhustone Washing, Clee Hill watercolour
25 Wilfred Langford Mousehole Harbour pastel
19 Lesley Connolly Family Outing pastel
19 Larry Turner Laundry Room at Croft Castle watercolour
13 Margaret Oakes (Portrait) Girl in Snood conte crayon
12 Lesley Connolly Chewing the Cud pastel
12 John Willetts Plockton Highlands watercolour
11 Catherine Downes Eilean Donan Castle acrylic
11 Val Littlehales Golden Days pastel
10 Valerie Alexander RBSA BWS Boats at Dedham watercolour
10 Valerie Alexander RBSA BWS Farmhouse at Essenac watercolour
10 Wilfred Langford Rhosneigr, Anglesey pastel
10 Val Littlehales Drovers Road pastel

Congratulations to all, and thanks for helping make a successful exhibition.

Exhibition of Art by Hereford College of Arts 2nd Year Fine Art Students

Canwood Gallery is hosting an exhibition in collaboration with Hereford College of Arts featuring work by 2nd year students studying fine art. Full details available here:

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Some Pictures from Colin Ross Jack's Talk & Demo

Yes it was a week ago now! What a good talk it was by all accounts. I feel very cheated by having been unable to attend. Anne was kind enough to take some pictures though, so I'm posting those here so that anyone else who missed it can see what they missed. I understand one of the best things was Colin's great sense of humour; this always helps leave a lasting impression.


Tuesday, 4 April 2017

LAS Spring Exhibition Now On at St. Laurence's, Ludlow

Well we made it! The exhibition screens are refurbished (most kindly, by Treasure & Co.) The church of St. Laurence is back to normal after parts were closed off following recent storm damage. And our exhibition is up and running, with a lovely collection of 126 original paintings and sculptures by 26 artists, plus three very full racks of original works (browsers), and of course loads of greetings cards.

The exhibition continues until 2pm on Monday 10th April, open from 10am to 5pm, Monday to Saturday, and ~11.30am to 5pm on Sunday. Already, 13 paintings have sold, so if you're thinking of buying anything, you should get there sooner rather than later. There are prices to suit all pockets, and credit cards can be used for purchases.

Below are some shots of the exhibition, which are no substitute for the real thing so come on down and see for yourself.

This wonderful painting, Laundry Room at Croft Castle, is by one of our newer members, Larry Turner. It's Larry's first exhibition with us, and what a good show! Let's hope there'll be more of this in the future. Sorry about the reflection of the church organ.

Animal pictures are always well represented, and sought by purchasers. This board has pictures by Lesley Connolly, Val Littlehales and Anne Priest.

Here, Catherine Downes and Samuel Bebb show off some great works.

Tom Crowe's sculpture makes a welcome variation from paintings. Do you make any three-dimensional works? Why not enter them into our next exhibition, in August?

George Loades' beatiful work Dhustone Washing, Clee Hill (top right) rightfully sold almost immediately. The others are by Rob Leckey and Val Littlehales.

Monday, 3 April 2017

Colin Ross Jack , Nocturne Pastel, a demo, Thursday from 7pm

Dear Art Society, and friends, followers and art lovers
Thursday evening brings Colin Ross Jack to give us a talk and demonstration in pastels. His subject will be a night-time scene, probably a coastal or harbour scene. If you'd like to know more about Colin, read about him here:
Colin is a talented artist with a strong following, so let's give him a good audience on Thursday. As usual, 7 for 7.30 start at the Ludlow Assembly Rooms. Bring a drink from the bar if you wish.
The programme about the monthly talks is here on the blog