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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Spotlight - Polly Morgan, taxidermist

‘Receiver’, 2009
This month's Spotlight beams onto the feathery and furry world of Polly Morgan, taxidermist. Morgan poses animals in shapes and dioramas to make haiku-like scenes, juxtapositions, and expressions of frailty, and humour. Many of the works are emotionally akin to a cartoon, or a comic strip drawing.
Some of the works are about the struggle of life, or the lightness of being, or mortality. Others are more of a narrative about interpersonal connections, or strength, such as this regal Kingfisher lain in state.
The animals are donated, or bought. None are killed for the art. They are deceased pets, often, or animals found on roads or beaches...etc., and donated by people who find them and know of her work, and figure that she could use a dead badger or gannet or whatever it is they find after its living adventure. 
'Foundations, Remains' or 'Picking Process to Pieces'
'Foundations, Remains' is a scaffold-like architectural structure made from bones; the structural form inside animals (including us), and the part which lasts longest. The facial and fleshy parts, and the mind, that we pay attention to are shown to be like the active lifespan of a building that leaves traces, and has foundations.  We are temporary, and we are the important part around a structure made for our existence.
Morgan is based in Hackney, possibly the UK’s most vibrant area for modern art innovation.
A good introduction to her thoughts and creativity and craft is the BBC documentary in the “What do artists do all day” series:

The Independent interview, linked below, includes how she started, and her successful networking. Put very simply, Morgan was running a bar where artists networked, and she wanted a piece of taxidermy for her flat. A friend suggested she make one herself, so she got lessons, made taxidermy pieces, then got commissions with restaurants in London.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Ludlow Small Gardens Festival

This is exactly as the title implies and its focus is on gardens which are outside of the town centre, radiating around the Sandpits area. For 2017 it will be on Sunday 2nd July, for
one day only, and we are introducing a static art exhibition at Rockspring Community Centre. We invite local artists to be part of that exhibition. Traditionally, we also display sculpture in some of the open gardens so sculptors are particularly welcome. We hope to have 12 to 15 gardens open this year. There will be a 20% commission on sales. For more information please contact Diane Lyle at

Letterpress Open Day at Mostly Flat

Come and see the wonderful inky world of Mostly Flat! 
Open workshop doors, on Friday 7th April 10am - 2pm, as part of the BBC Get Creative weekend. There will be ink on the presses, with letterpress printing demos. "You might be allowed to print something if you're very nice. There may also be chocolate biscuits, if I haven't eaten them all. Take the opportunity to head on down and have a nosey and see what this letterpress printing lark is all about. If you've been considering signing up for one of my one-day workshops, here's your chance to get a free taster!"
Venue: Mostly Flat, Loudwater Studio, 16A Burway Trading Estate, Bromfield Road, Ludlow, SY8 1EN
LAS Blogger's enthusiastic recommendation on the LAS FB page:

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Art Trail - opportunity to participate

LUDLOW FRINGE is inviting artists to participate in its 2017 ART TRAIL, 17th June - 2nd July 2017. Now in its fifth year running. Artists are invited to exhibit and sell their work at a selection of venues across the beautiful and historic town of Ludlow during its lively two-week fringe festival. Artists wishing to take part are linked up with venues wishing to act as hosts. 
A map/brochure will be published showing all the locations with information about each artist involved. 3000 copies will be made widely available prior, and the event will be promoted nationally including via the main festival brochure. To find out more please email for an info pack:

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

LAS Spring Exhibition 1st to 10th April at St L's

The Exhibition poster is here.  
LAS Members are invited to the evening preview for the exhibition on Friday 31st March, 6.30 - 8.30. Do bring your friends. 
And alos, LAS members, this poster is in your email box ready to print and be displayed in windows or pinned to your coat.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Remembering JILL HOWORTH 1949 - 2016

1949 - 2016

A celebration of Jill's life
and achievements at
Ludlow Assembly Rooms
Sunday 12th March 2017
Please inform Ludlow Assembly Rooms if you wish to attend:
call the box office on 01584 878141
or email
The celebration will begin at
3.30pm Doors open
3.45pm Tributes led by David Howorth and Gareth Williams
4.45pm Tea and scones and a chance to share memories
5.45pm Screening of 'Cinema Paradiso' - a beautiful elegy to cinema, the town picture house and the love of film

There will be a further opportunity to contribute to the LAR fund in memory of Jill and plans for the fund will be announced.
The Silk Top Hat Gallery will be open from 11.00am - 3.00pm on the day, all are welcome to come and enjoy the Gallery and the latest exhibition of Simon Dorrell's work on the middle floor, while a mixed show continues on the top floor.

Exhibitions open Tuesday - Saturday 11.00 - 4.00pm
Silk Top Hat Gallery
Quality Square, Ludlow, Shropshire SY8 1AR
(01584 875363)

LAS Demonstration and Talk: Colin Jack, 'Nocturne in Soft Pastels'

A date for your calendar: Thursday 6th of April, 7pm.
Colin Jack will give the next LAS Demonstration and Talk, at the Ludlow Assembly Rooms, 'Nocturne in Soft Pastels'
Colin Jack is a Scots born artist now living in Worcester. He paints in oils, acrylic and soft pastels, with a variety of subjects such as seascapes, landscapes, nocturnes, figures, abstracts, and more. This demo will be a nocturne in pastel, probably a harbour scene from his home town of Anstruther in Fife.

Monday, 6 March 2017

AGM photos

Margaret Oakes has been a loyal member of the society for many years, sales of her work in the exhibitions have sold well thus contributing to the funds.
She has become very fragile of late and the committee felt that she should be awarded with an honorary membership.
Next meeting is Colin Rose Jack - 'nocturne in soft pastels' a demo.

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Message from the Chairman

As those present at the AGM already know, I have been elected to take on the role of chairman now that Sam Manley has stepped down. I think it is worth reflecting a moment on what has been achieved by the society in the three years of Sam's stewardship. It can perhaps be summed up by something a member said to me: "Sam brought the society into the 21st century". 
Sam has brought through a steady stream of initiatives that have broadened the appeal of the society, increased it's outreach and participation, and heightened public awareness. Sam has managed to maintain the relevance of the society in this new digital age. We have a website, at the heart of which is a blog. It was a superb idea, that keeps members posted with news and information in a way that the old newsletter was never able to do. We have the monthly "Spotlight" feature
We have a Facebook presence and a YouTube video channel. We have been involved in the Fringe Festival, in the art trail, the paint jam which Sam began and ran, workshops, and creative collaborations with poets in 'Words for Art'. We have found alternative accommodation for our exhibitions following the withdrawal of facilities by Ludlow College. We have permanent exhibitions in the Pea Green Cafe and in St Laurence's Church. We made a splendid celebration of the society's 70th birthday, with the anniversary project book. All these things and more have happened under Sam's careful eye, at the same time as continuing the traditional core activities of education and exhibition which have always been central to the Society. 
We have so much to thank Sam for, and I'm sure you will all join me in saying a big thank you, and wishing him the very best in his next endeavours. We will follow your career with interest. Thank you Sam.
John Jarvis

Paint Jam:


Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Art Exhibition at Rock Church on Easter weekend

The Art Exhibition at Rock Church is on Easter weekend, opening April 15th to Monday 17th
12.00 noon till 4.30 each day
LAS members that would like entry form / details can contact John H Instance, Watercolour Artist.   Contact telephone: 01299 266353