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Friday, 30 December 2016

Spotlight – Celebration of New Year

This month Spotlight looks at how the spirit of New Year is conveyed through painting.  The festivities, the gathering together of friends, looking back but mostly looking forward on hope, resolutions, helping others, and wondering what the year can bring.  It is a time when wordy discourse - writing and talking to exchange ideas - can take a rest, and the joy of our game of life is celebrated more through gesture, hugs, dance, song and laughter.  Art seems to have much in common with this time of year, as a means of emotional expression beyond words.  Let’s see how art, particularly painting, has expressed these celebratory times, emotions, and bold hopes and pledges.

‘Celebration’ by William Henry Hunt, circa 1815.  Watercolour overlaid on graphite.

Nowruz is the Persian and Iranian new year, typically timed on the moment the sun crosses the celestial equator.  This painting depicts Shah Abbas II and courtiers celebrating Nowruz in approximately 1670 (artist unknown).

Work takes a rest...
Celebration City by J. Loren Reedy, 2010.  Acrylic on canvas

... and welcoming the seeds and growth of the year ahead...
Chinese New Year

What is your new year vision?
  May your vision become realised in life or on whatever you choose as your canvas, as you wish.
     Happy New Year.

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