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Sunday, 6 November 2016

Pictures from Duncan White's Talk

I was very disappointed not to be well enough to get out to our last talk of the year, but Anne Fox very kindly stepped up to introduce our speak, Duncan White, and to take pictures of the event. Thank you, Ann!

Duncan brought along some of his wonderful and carefully-crafted miniature ceramics to the talk, and we've got a few shots of the evening right here (click to enlarge):

So... that's it for us for 2016! Our programme is now finished, and we bid you a very happy holiday season (feels a bit early for that, doesn't it? Oh well, never mind.), and you do need an eye out for our 2017 programme which will be published very shortly. I can tell you, though, that it'll begin on Thursday 2nd February, same times, same place, and it'll be me, giving a talk on Telling Tales: Narrative in Illustration - hope to see you there!

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