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Thursday, 3 November 2016

Feedback from the recent Young at Art

The LAS was very happy to help the recent Young at Art exhibition, held on 28th to 31st October at St Laurence's Church.  
Young at Art is a Churches Together Around Ludlow young people’s initiative that provides a platform for young people of all ages and abilities to show their talents and skills. The focus is on young people who are disadvantaged in some way, either homeless, materially deprived, or with various disabilities.

The organisers have provided the following note of thanks, with some lovely quoted feedback.

"A very warm word of thanks to all those who made this year's exhibition such a success – teachers, pupils, students, youngsters, stewards and organizers. Several visitors commented on how lucky Ludlow is to have such talented, dedicated art and design teachers and such responsive, creative young people. The range and variety of the work on display was very impressive.

We were delighted to show samples of work from Ludlow Junior School, Ludlow C/E School, Ludlow College, Onny School, Ludlow Youth Club, and ‘Splodge’ club for young people with learning disabilities.  Several schools sent apologies this year because of pressure of work.

We had help & support in various ways from Ludlow Methodist Church, Ludlow Art Society, and from staff and the congregation of St Laurence, Ludlow.  Ludlow Foyer provided a simple buffet for young people and their families visiting on two days.  Ludlow Youth Partnership spent 2 hours on Saturday providing ‘sparkly’ tattoos for visiting children.  We thank them all.
It was lovely to talk to some of the young people about their work and what they had most liked doing.

Here are the comments, unedited and complete, from visitors. They came from: Stockport, Malvern , Shrewsbury, Church Stretton, Solihull, Leicester, Wigan, Widnes, London, Brecon, Bath, Diddlebury, Australia (two families), Preston, Cardiff, Bolton, Davenport,  Norwich, Rhos on Sea and Cornwall:

“Lovely pictures of Her Majesty. I loved the jolly smiles on her face. Well done!”  “Excellent!”  “Very good display, a credit to these young people”.  “ Very good!! Excellent, most impressive!”  “Excellent! Lovely work. Good to see schools involved in the event”.  “A lovely display of art work. The Queen has some lovely ear rings Well done!”  “Wonderful teachers encouraging children to express their ideas so well. Carry on in the face of adversity!”  “Very enjoyable and experimental. All churches are so different”. “Great display! Very talented”.   “Gloriously colourful!”
“I thought we were looking at second year university work in the Graphic Design section!”  “Very high quality throughout” “Beautiful! (Sophie aged seven from Bath).  “ Lovely to see such high standard work across the full age range! AND in STATE EDUCATION! Long may it continue!! Well done!”  “An impressive array of talent”.  “ I wish St Laurence's School would take part. It's a wonderful project. So vibrant!!”  “Once again, as ever, a splendid show!”  “An exhilarating display of imagination and creative talent! Across the full age range. Much enjoyed!”

“Very interesting and beautiful work. I enjoyed looking around”.  “Wonderful work! Very creative!”   “Brilliant! Good to see all the creative work. I particularly liked the mixture of sculpture and painting/design. Could more schools be involved?”
“A wonderful display of art. Expressing feeling and imagination. Caring for creativity! The future awaits your talents. Well done!”   “We had a lovely time. Thank you very much!”  “Wonderful to see ‘free’ design work not too closely constrained. LET IT OUT!”   “Oh what expressions of beautiful art!”   “Made me smile. How expressive children can be with their art work! Lovely.”   “What excellent examples of creative art from our young students! A credit to them”.  “Very impressive!!”   “A wonderful creative display of imaginative art work!”  

“What a fabulous surprise to see such brilliant work! A real joy!”  “Great pictures! Particularly the one with the blue hat and yellow dress! Well done!”   “Thank you. We spent a lengthy period of time looking at the art work and enjoying the church. Thanks to you all for your enthusiasm and welcome into the church”. 

“Thank you for inviting our students from Ludlow School to show off their wonderful talents!”   “Lovely idea to bring children into the church!”  “Excellent art exhibition of all ages”.   “I think the picture with the red dress and star necklace is really nice“ (Samantha aged seven from Davenport).  “As an ex-teacher myself, I was thrilled to see the exhibition of children's pictures of the Queen”.   “What a lovely display!”  “Some great displays. Lovely pictures of the Queen!”  “Well worth a long visit. Remarkable artistic display!”  “The A-level Graphic Design work is very professional! Remarkable artistic display! Children's work is also delightful”

    Thank you all again. These comments speak volumes!

Lesley McKnight, Jane Robinson, Bob Wallace, Ian Barge (Co-ordinating and organizing group)

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