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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

The Monthly Draw Returns!

If you were at our evening meeting last week you'll have heard about the return of the LAS' Monthly Draw, but if you weren't there then here's how it works:

There's a topic set for each month, and we invite you to have a go at drawing, doodling, painting, or in some way creating something on that topic. There's no need to put in a finished piece, it's more about the ideas than anything else - and it's great fun to see how different people choose to interpret the same idea.

What are the topics, though? Here's the list:

November - 3 items in still life

February - Castle

March - A pet (or pets)

April - Garden life

May - Livestock

June - 20 years ago

July - A single flower

Also, and totally unrelated, November 1st is International Self Portrait day (a tradition dating back all the way to... er, 2006. Well, everything has to start somewhere!). The LAS isn't running anything on that theme this year but it's a really interesting exercise.

Hopefully you can make it to our talk on 3rd November, and if you feel like having a go at our topic, '3 items in still life', we'd love to see what you come up with!

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