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Friday, 24 July 2015

Maggie Humphry's Full Day Tutoring Sessions

This email came in today from Maggie Humphry (via Pat Innes):


Hello Ludlow! My next two full day tutoring sessions are next week (29th July) and 4th August. If you'd like to come, please phone or text me on 0774-393-8820. But I am always happy to fix up mini-groups of just two or three people to fit around your available dates.

My website has been completely revamped by Peter over the last few weeks, using one of those 'make it easy' packages (not yet 100% finished). We hope it's going to be easy to read and navigate - it most certainly will be easier to maintain.
.... with very best wishes, Maggie
Please visit me - and tell all your friends. (If you'd like to chat with Peter about your own website, contact me via my website.)


The dates are coming up soon so if you're interested, don't delay getting in touch!

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