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Thursday, 30 July 2015

Exhibition at Ann Wallace's Studio

This has just come in courtesy of Ann - an exhibition of her students' work at her studio at Greenacres, running from 1st - 10th August. The poster has all the details:

Thanks, Ann!

Spotlight: Alphonse Mucha

This month, Spotlight's taking a close look at the works of a very well-known Czech artist. Alphonse Maria Mucha is perhaps best known for his Art Nouveau poster work, but he actually spent a lot of his life trying to distance himself from this style. Aside from the posters, perhaps his most notable achievement was the creation of the large-scale 20-painting series, the 'Slav Epic'.

You can find an online gallery of the Complete Works of Alphonse Mucha right HERE (one of the first links is to a biography page, too).

If you know of any great art websites or articles, why not share them here? Send your suggestions to - please note that this isn't for self-promotion.

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

2015 Summer Exhibition Forms

 The forms for our upcoming 2015 Summer Exhibition are now online! This is a very exciting show for the LAS, as it's our first large-scale show in St Laurence's Church (following on from our very successful Fringe Art Trail display.

Now, you should have received your forms already by post or by email (if you haven't, they should be with you very soon) - but, if you do need new forms, you can download them here or on the Membership and Exhibition page (the button's to the right):

OddForks, with Jessica Jackson

This is an interesting event, described as a 'Cutlery Upcycle Drop-In', being held behind the Mascall Centre at the end of August and run by Jessica Jackson of Jessica Found It CIC - click the poster to enlarge

Silk Top Hat's Summer Exhibition

Keith Noble 'The Lighthouse, St. Ives' (watercolour)
From Saturday 8th August, Silk Top Hat's Summer Exhibition will be open, and it features work from two former LAS Presidents!

The show runs until 5th September, and features oils, watercolours and pastels by Noel Shepherdson, Keith Noble, and Mary Griffin, and prints by Victoria Keeble, Anna Ravenscroft, Sarah van Niekerk, Don Smith, and Colin See-Paynton.

Victoria Keeble 'Gleanie' (collagraph)
Anna Ravenscroft: 'Boxing Hares'

Friday, 24 July 2015

Maggie Humphry's Full Day Tutoring Sessions

This email came in today from Maggie Humphry (via Pat Innes):


Hello Ludlow! My next two full day tutoring sessions are next week (29th July) and 4th August. If you'd like to come, please phone or text me on 0774-393-8820. But I am always happy to fix up mini-groups of just two or three people to fit around your available dates.

My website has been completely revamped by Peter over the last few weeks, using one of those 'make it easy' packages (not yet 100% finished). We hope it's going to be easy to read and navigate - it most certainly will be easier to maintain.
.... with very best wishes, Maggie
Please visit me - and tell all your friends. (If you'd like to chat with Peter about your own website, contact me via my website.)


The dates are coming up soon so if you're interested, don't delay getting in touch!

Monday, 20 July 2015

GPS Art Contest Results!

The winner of the GPS Art Competition is Martin Smith, who took to the air to track his flight path with ViewRanger, creating this truly immense drawing, titled 'High In The Sky On Coke':

Congratulations, Martin! The £100 of Apple vouchers, £25 of ViewRanger vouchers and ViewRanger buff are on their way to you :)

-----     -----     -----

The plan is for us to be running this again next year, so if you want to be in with a chance to win you need to get out there and create your own satellite-tracked artwork!

President's Page Update

We have (finally!) updated the President's Page, with an article suggested by Charles MacCarthy (and written by him) as the best way to explain his process and his background.

You can find the updated President's Page right HERE (or, of course, linked to from the Committee page on the right), and you can also find a link to Silk Top Hat's biography of Charles, and a link to what will be an archive of President's Pages at the bottom of that page.

Margaret Oakes - Update

On 29th June we told you that long-time LAS member Margaret Oakes was recovering in Ludlow hospital after she'd suffered a fall - she's now resting in Woofferton Residential Home, by the Salwey Arms. As before, anyone who'd like to visit her should ring ahead, and visiting hours are open here.

We wish Margaret all the best!

Art Trail Round-Up - The Figures

The 2015 Ludlow Fringe Art Trail was particularly successful for the Ludlow Art Society: 63% of all sales belonged to LAS members, which accounted for 83% of the total income taken from sales.

Of course, we were very lucky to have our section of the Trail located in St Laurence's church, and that is where we'll be holding our Summer Exhibition in August - look for entry forms soon!

Bobby Britnell's Summer Schools - Landscapes with David Tress

On 31st July and 1st and 2nd August, artist David Tress is leading a three-day landscape painting course called 'Landscape: Light and Energy' as part of Bobby Britnell's Summer School workshops.

You can find details about it, and the other courses on offer, HERE.

If you'd like more information, please email Bobby at

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Ludlow Open Artist Development Workshops

Ludlow Open Artist Development (LOAD) will deliver two workshops in August this year: the first (n Friday 21st) is on funding and public art commissioning, and the second (on Friday 28th) is on marketing and networking. If you're based in the Marches region and are interested in this workshops (at only £10 each), you can follow this link for all the details: Ludlow Open.

LOAD is unveiling a new website in August - we'll keep you up to date.

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Pat Innes' Website

LAS Committee member Pat Innes has just launched her gallery website! You can find the link to the right-hand side of this blog, or you can just click the picture below:

Friday, 10 July 2015

Eclectic Sofa update

Please note: the Eclectic Sofa is now on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month -

Pictures from the Paint Jam!

We began the Jam with... questionable weather! It was throwing it down as we put up the gazebos, but we were able to get them in place, tie the plastic to the railings and support the boards against those. For a few, we had tables out so they could work flat.

Click the picture below to get to an album from the event (including a series of pieces from the Fringe opening evening, where artist Deeds created a piece for the Jam):

Also, we have an album of the final pieces right here (click the picture):

Last but by no means least, we have footage of the event!

Thursday, 9 July 2015

A little quiet...

Apologies for the silence over the last few days, I've not had a moment to spare - however, I can confirm we will have reports from the LAS' involvement in the Paint Jam and Art Trail soon.

Also, keep your eyes open for information about our upcoming Summer Exhibition!

Friday, 3 July 2015

LAS Sketch Trip to SAS on 11th July

 This is just a quick reminder to all Ludlow Art Society members that we'll be visiting our neighbours at the Shropshire Art Society in Shrewsbury on 11th July for an exciting day of sketching during the SAS' exhibition in St Mary's Church - this trip is being organised by LAS and SAS member Catherine Downes, who says:

"The plan is for your members to arrive between 10 to 10.30 am.  The park and Ride will be operating.  The best place to catch it is at Meole Brace which is on the A5110 I think that is correct,  this is just after Dobbies Roundabout, going straight over the roundabout towards Shrewsbury centre.  If you go on groups of about 4 people the charge is reduced ( normally about £1.70 to about 80p )  I hope that will still be in operation then.  People must produce their  Concession Cards.
The Park and Ride travels in to Town and after it crosses the English Bridge travels up Wyle Cop past the Square then round the town by the river and circles up by the Castle bank and by Marks and Spencers there is the first bus stop suitable to alight, the next best bus stop is in Dog Pole just past the Church of St Marys.  The church has a banner outside on the trees advertising the Exhibition.  There should be one on the railings of the Castle as well so don't get confused.  Sorry it is a ONE WAY system and you will have to go all round before you get off.
We will be at the Church to meet you, (please make yourselves known to one of our members.) where we will arrange for you to have a free drink in the Cafe inside.  Then hopefully you will go round the Exhibition and meet some of our members to chat to and make friends.  If you need anyone to go around with to draw then is the time it can be organised. I will have some maps available so that you can find your way around .   The exhibition and church are FREE so no problems there.  Our members will probably be asked to pay their normal £2 towards the organising and this will be donated to the Church."

Perhaps a comparable donation to the SAS from LAS members would be welcome, too.

If it's easier for you to Googlemap the Church, the address is: St Mary's Street, Dogpole, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY1 1DX
I've also attached a Googlemap screenshot so you can locate the St Mary's that way.

Pictures from Ginn Downes Talk

Ginn led us on a fascinating journey through her life in textiles and art, and brought with her a number of her former students' project books for so we could get an understanding of not just what the various textile processes are, but also how they're taught.

Here are some pictures from the evening (click to enlarge):

Next month, we have our Summer Exhibition! Details coming very soon.