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Saturday, 6 June 2015

GPS Art Competition

During the Fringe, the LAS is proud to announce that we're running an exciting event called the GPS (Global Positioning System) Art Competition! You can find all the details on the Facebook event page HERE (you do not need to have registered for Facebook to read the link), but in case that link doesn't work for you here's all the information from the press release:

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Art can be many things, and with GPS Art you become the brush and the land your canvas!

To create GPS Art, you download a free app called Viewranger onto your Android or iOS device (tablet or iphone) and you can then use this app to 'draw' an image using your GPS track - the bigger the better!
The possibilities are boundless - so, we thought we'd run, as part of the Ludlow Fringe Festival, a GPS Art Competition for ViewRanger users. There will be two competitions - one for adults and one for the under 18's.
Note: You do not need a mobile connection to do this!

So, why not have a go? Make your next walk or bike ride a work of art!

To participate you need to 1) enroll and 2) receive a registration code.
Enrollment can be done at an Art Society meeting taking place 7.30pm Thursday 18th June at the Ludlow Assembly Rooms, where we’ll over the technology and the competition in detail.

The normal talk fee (£3 for Art Society members £4 for non-members, under 18’s free) gives you the right to submit your pictures. You can also enroll during the Fringe Festival at the Fringe Kiosk in Castle Square (£2 for adults and free for under-18’s) any time before July 2nd.

GPS Art WINS PRIZES! Here’s how:

Record your planned track using the ViewRanger app.
When you have walked, cycled or run the route rename the image using this format:

ludlow/[your name]/[reg code]/[picture title]
eg ludlow/smith/123/rugbycircles

Export your masterpiece to my.viewranger at the ViewRanger website.

We’ll be judging towards the end of the Fringe, and awarding prizes to the most creative entries!

But... what's on offer? Well, here’s what your creativity can win:

For the over-18’s, the winner will receive:
£100 in Apple Vouchers
£25 in ViewRanger vouchers
A ViewRanger buff

For the over-18’s, the winner will receive:
£50 in Apple Vouchers
£25 in ViewRanger vouchers
A ViewRanger buff

Thanks to our sponsors ViewRanger and PerfectArc for putting up these fantastic prizes!


How to create great GPS art:

Think large scale and work over a large area.
Plot the route in advance on my.viewranger, so once you’re outside all you need do is follow it.

You have until July 2nd to submit your masterpiece!

If you have any questions, please direct them via email to Tom Crowe at

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There will soon be a regular LAS event poster emailed to all members, with further details about the GPS Talk on Thursday 18th June.

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