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Sunday, 31 May 2015

2015 Ludlow Fringe Live Paint Jam

We did this last year, and we're doing it again here! On Saturday 13th June, in Castle Square, an LAS \ Fringe event is kick-starting the Fringe Festival - we've got artists working large-scale on boards, we've got artists working plein air around the town, we've got a caricaturist, we have a face-painter, and we have a public board for anyone to add their mark to. All the details are on the flyer below, which you may have seen around town.

The Ludlow Art Society is not only running this event but is also represented at it by Samuel Bebb, John Jarvis, George Loades, Jean Simnett and myself (and you may notice that Chris Bean, who runs the Friday Group, is a returning Jam artist from last year).
Jam flyer - click to enlarge!
In addition, while all this is going on there's also Theatre on the Square taking place just beside us, with puppetry, theatre, and African drumming.

It would wonderful to see LAS members on the day, adding your drawings to the public board (marker pens provided).

Once the day is over, the artwork will be installed as part of the town-wide Art Trail, with the boards going to the Ludlow Brewery and the Mascall Centre. Then, at the end of the Fringe, there'll be an auction for the work.

See you there!

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