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Thursday, 30 April 2015

LAS at the Ludlow Fringe

We have two exciting announcements to make!

Firstly, the LAS will have stalls at the Fringe Artists' Market on 20th and 21st June, and we're going to run this the same way as we did last year - you may enter any number of browsers or box canvases (i.e., anything unframed) for £1 per picture, with no commission taken, and no restrictions on work shown at previous LAS exhibitions. You can find the entry form for this right here (and on our Membership and Exhibition Forms page to the right):

Secondly, we were sorry to discover that, after they have honoured our bookings this year, Ludlow College will no longer be renting out their rooms. This means we will not be able to hold exhibitions in the Harley Centre after our Summer Exhibition this year. Don't worry, though, we have been speaking with St Laurence's Church and will be holding our exhibitions there in the future.

Now, as with last year, the LAS will have a place on the Fringe Art Trail, a three-week exhibition of art across the town. We are looking at St Laurence's, in the heart of town, in what will effectively by a third major LAS exhibition, and an opportunity to be part of the very first LAS show in our new venue!

However, in order to make this work we need help - the old screens aren't suitable for a show in the church, and new ones that would be are available to rent from Hereford. Fringe funds don't stretch to a delivery van, so if any of our members would be willing to help out (if you have a van or a horsebox) for the cost of petrol we'd hugely appreciate it. Drop Tom Crowe a line at or call 01584 876706

If we can't get the screens organised, we have a backup plan! The new Sitting Room, which will open above the newly-refurbished Blue Boar, will play host to us then - this venue will be very busy during the Fringe, and can hold a good number of works, so footfall will be high!

Just sign up to the Art Trail and don't forget to say that your affiliation is Ludlow Art Society - it's normally £10 to enter any number of pictures, but write Ludlow Art Society and you can enter for just £8, and again there's no limit on work shown in previous exhibitions. The entry form is right here:

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