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Thursday, 30 April 2015

LAS at the Ludlow Fringe

We have two exciting announcements to make!

Firstly, the LAS will have stalls at the Fringe Artists' Market on 20th and 21st June, and we're going to run this the same way as we did last year - you may enter any number of browsers or box canvases (i.e., anything unframed) for £1 per picture, with no commission taken, and no restrictions on work shown at previous LAS exhibitions. You can find the entry form for this right here (and on our Membership and Exhibition Forms page to the right):

Secondly, we were sorry to discover that, after they have honoured our bookings this year, Ludlow College will no longer be renting out their rooms. This means we will not be able to hold exhibitions in the Harley Centre after our Summer Exhibition this year. Don't worry, though, we have been speaking with St Laurence's Church and will be holding our exhibitions there in the future.

Now, as with last year, the LAS will have a place on the Fringe Art Trail, a three-week exhibition of art across the town. We are looking at St Laurence's, in the heart of town, in what will effectively by a third major LAS exhibition, and an opportunity to be part of the very first LAS show in our new venue!

However, in order to make this work we need help - the old screens aren't suitable for a show in the church, and new ones that would be are available to rent from Hereford. Fringe funds don't stretch to a delivery van, so if any of our members would be willing to help out (if you have a van or a horsebox) for the cost of petrol we'd hugely appreciate it. Drop Tom Crowe a line at or call 01584 876706

If we can't get the screens organised, we have a backup plan! The new Sitting Room, which will open above the newly-refurbished Blue Boar, will play host to us then - this venue will be very busy during the Fringe, and can hold a good number of works, so footfall will be high!

Just sign up to the Art Trail and don't forget to say that your affiliation is Ludlow Art Society - it's normally £10 to enter any number of pictures, but write Ludlow Art Society and you can enter for just £8, and again there's no limit on work shown in previous exhibitions. The entry form is right here:

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Spotlight: Constable's Outdoor Painting Materials

Constable, Dedham Lock and Mill, 1811

This month, Spotlight takes a look at the outdoor painting materials of John Constable through the Gurney Journey blog. You can see examples of work, details of boxes and colours, notes, grounds, and a list of links for further reading.

Here's the LINK.

As a side note, if you're interested in trying out Constable's palette then you'll have to make a few changes due to colour availability (and toxicity!). While the umbers and ochres are the same now as then, here are some suggestions of colour swaps (I'm using Winsor and Newton designations):

Colour: Vermilion
Replace with: Cadmium Scarlet
Why: Toxicity, although Vermilion (PR106) is still available but more expensive than Cadmium

Colour: Emerald Green
Replace with: Phthalo Green (Blue Shade) + Cadmium Lemon + White (or Winsor Emerald)
Why: Toxicity, mixing issues

Colour: Madder
Replace with: Alizarin Permanent (although Permanent Madder Deep from Rembrandt is also an excellent replacement)
Why: Fugitive colour

Colour: Chrome Yellow
Replace with: Cadmium Yellow Pale
Why:  Cadmium is less toxic and more permanent

If you know of any great art websites or articles, why not share them here? Send your suggestions to - please note that this isn't for self-promotion

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Church Stretton Arts Festival 2015

The Church Stretton Arts Festival 2015 is running from July 25th to August 8th, and as always it has an Exhibition of Art, Crafts and Photography - this has a special opening event, and then regular opening times.

The exhibition itself is open to all, and you can find all the details of the Festival on their website at

The Exhibition page is HERE, and the page with entry forms is HERE
 The deadline for submissions for the exhibition is June 30th.

Many thanks to Joan Arnfield for sending over all the details!

Sunday, 26 April 2015

URGENT - Committee Call To Arms!

Are you interested in helping the LAS? Do you want to be part of developing and running our exciting visual arts programmes?

We need some of our members to join the LAS committee - quite simply, this isn't something that would be just useful, this is something that is necessary if we're going to be able to keep running past the end of the year. A couple of long-standing committee members are looking to step down, and we need new people to step up.

We are specifically looking for: a publicity secretary, a treasurer, and someone to run the online side of the LAS (the format of which may well change and move away from being a blog) - as, after what will be five years of running this blog, I'll be handing it over to someone new at our next AGM, in March next year.

If you're a member, then this is your Society - and honestly, we don't bite! If you're interested in joining the committee, drop me a line at

Thank you!

Friday, 24 April 2015

2015 Spring Exhibition in the Teme Valley Times

Our show made it into the Teme Valley Times! Thanks to Anne Fox for the scan, and to the Teme Valley Times for attending our private view.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Horsebox or van needed for LAS Fringe!

Do you have access to a large van or horsebox, and would you be available to transport some exhibition screens from Hereford to Ludlow (note: these would be significantly lighter than the current LAS screens, and petrol would of course be covered) ?

If so, we could use your help! Please get in touch with Tom Crowe at

Secret Gardens opportunity

The LAS has been invited to have an artist, or artists, working in the garden of Bredon House in the Linney on Sunday 14th June, as part of the Secret Gardens event.

This would be held from 12pm - 6pm, but the artist could be there at any time within that range, and for as long as he or she feels like staying. We could, perhaps, organise one artist for the first half, and another for the second.

This won't be advertised as part of the Secret Gardens tickets, but is a private event organised by the house's owners. If the artist/s would like to view the garden, this can be arranged, and the lawns are not visible from the pavement. If there's bad weather, then this wouldn't go ahead.

If you'd like to be involved in this fanstastic plein air opportunity, drop me a line at

Best in Show - 2015 Spring Exhibition

Everything's counted now, and we can reveal the results for the public's Best in Show vote for our 2015 Spring Exhibition. We'll count this in two ways - firstly, the votes by picture, but then we'll also count the votes by artist (please note, we don't take votes on the President's work for Best in Show).

Here we go, by picture:

1) 25 votes - Hydranger, by Daph Willets
2) 19 votes - Gone To Seed, by Lesley Connolly
3) 16 votes - Ludlow Gallow Bank, by George Loades
3) 16 votes - Towards Criccieth, by Wilfred Langford
5) 14 votes - Venice, by George Loades
6) 13 votes - Contemplation, by Christine Loran
7) 12 votes - Caernarfon Castle, by Rob Leckey
8) 11 votes - Quayside Scarborough, by Val Alexander
9) 10 votes - The Slipway Whitby, by Val Alexander
9) 10 votes - Longhorn Cow, by Lesley Connolly
9) 10 votes - Low Tide Walk, by George Loades
12) 9 votes - Staithes Estuary, by Val Alexander
12) 9 votes - Hare, by Anne Priest
14) 8 votes - Mist on the Shropshire Hills, by Catherine Downes
15) 7 votes - Portrait of Katie, by Samuel Bebb
15) 7 votes - Sheep on Lan Fawr, by Drusilla Cole
15) 7 votes - Dartmoor Ranger, by Lesley Connolly
18) 6 votes - Squirrel's Eye View, by Diane Jennings
18) 6 votes - Watching Hare, by Daph Willets
20) 5 votes - Follow the Light, by Miriam Bell
20) 5 votes - Spring Fox, by Miriam Bell
20) 5 votes - The Onny, by Richard Bell
20) 5 votes - Three Tuns Brewery, by Drusilla Cole
20) 5 votes - Bettws-y-Crwyn, by Martin Dutton
20) 5 votes - White Houses, by Ann Whall
20) 5 votes - Hare Alert, by Daph Willets
27) 4 votes - Ludlow Tree Rabbits, by Diane Jennings
27) 4 votes - Poppies, by Diane Jennings
27) 4 votes - Capel-y-ffin, bu John Willetts
27) 4 votes - Great Western Freight, by John Willetts
31) 3 votes - Behind the Step, Val Alexander
31) 3 votes - Portrait of Nicholas, by Samuel Bell
31) 3 votes - Bucknell, by Drusilla Cole
31) 3 votes - Old School House, by Drusilla Cole
31) 3 votes - Waterwath Bridge, by Catherine Downes
31) 3 votes - Moat Farm, by Martin Dutton
31) 3 votes - South Stack Lighthouse, by Rob Leckey
31) 3 votes - Summer at Stokesay, by Rob Leckey
31) 3 votes - Sage Harbour, by Elizabeth Moss
31) 3 votes - Treasure Wall, by David Tedham
41) 2 votes - Midday Sun Skiathos, by Val Alexander
41) 2 votes - Off Slea Head, by Jean Buehring
41) 2 votes - Hardraw Falls, by Catherine Downes
41) 2 votes - Storm, by Catherine Downes
41) 2 votes - Glass and Strawberries, by Pat Innes
41) 2 votes - Bridge at Elterwater, by Wilfred Langford
41) 2 votes - Candlelight, by Christine Loran
41) 2 votes - Just Looking, by Anne Priest
41) 2 votes - Merlin, by Anne Priest
41) 2 votes - Clee Hill from Yelds Hill, by Ruth Tune
41) 2 votes - Waiting for a Command, by Ruth Tune
41) 2 votes - Blue Wash Clematis, by Daph Willets
41) 2 votes - Doverdale in January, by John Willetts
41) 2 votes - Loch Leven, by John Willetts
55) 1 vote - Butterfly, by Miriam Bell
55) 1 vote - Moonlit Swan, by Miriam Bell
55) 1 vote - Two for Joy, by Miriam Bell
55) 1 vote - Winter Moon, by Miriam Bell
55) 1 vote - Cattle in the Orchard, by Richard Bell
55) 1 vote - Sunny Smile, by Pat Innes
55) 1 vote - Driving Wheels, by Christine Loran
55) 1 vote - Morgan in Red Lion Yard, by Margaret Oakes
55) 1 vote - Tulips, by Margaret Oakes
55) 1 vote - Two Models Resting, by Margaret Oakes
55) 1 vote - The Holly and the Ivy, by Fiona Miles
55) 1 vote - Portrait of Gladys, by Gabrielle Spencely
55) 1 vote - Low Tide at Port Reurffyn, by Gabrielle Spencely
55) 1 vote - Cumbria After Sidney, by Ruth Tune
55) 1 vote - Reaching Out, by Ruth Tune
55) 1 vote - Red Trees, by Ann Whall
55) 1 vote - Running Free, by Ann Whall

And, by artist:

1) 42 votes - Daph Willetts
2) 40 votes - George Loades
3) 36 votes - Lesley Connolly
4) 35 votes - Val Alexander
5) 18 votes - Drusilla Cole
5) 18 votes - Wilfred Langford
5) 18 votes - Rob Leckey
8) 16 votes - Christine Loran
9) 15 votes - Catherine Downes
10) 14 votes - Miriam Bell
10) 14 votes - Diane Jennings
12) 13 votes - Anne Priest
13) 12 votes - John Willetts
14) 10 votes - Samuel Bebb
15) 8 votes - Martin Dutton
16) 7 votes - Ann Whall
17) 6 votes - Richard Bell
17) 6 votes - Ruth Tune
19) 3 votes - Pat Innes
19) 3 votes - Elizabeth Moss
19) 3 votes - Margaret Oakes
19) 3 votes - David Tedham
23) 2 votes - Jean Buehring
23) 2 votes - Gabrielle Spencely
25) 1 vote - Fiona Miles

We also received the final Choice award, from Spotty Dog, and it went to Rob Leckey for his work 'Caernarfon Castle' - congratulations, Rob!

The Choice awards, taken together, look like this:

President's Choice - Candlelight, by Christine Loran
Castle Bookshop Choice - Bucknell, by Drusilla Cole
Chang Thai Choice - Three Tuns Brewery, by Drusilla Cole
Silk Top Hat Choice - Seedheads, by Lesley Connolly
Spotty Dog Choice - Caernarfon Castle, by Rob Leckey

Thank you once again to everyone involved in the 2015 Spring Exhibition - you made it a wonderful and successful show!

Keep an eye on this blog, we've more announcements coming very soon!

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

2015 Spring Exhibition Ends

Our 2015 Spring Exhibition has now ended - I'd like to say a huge thank you to everyone involved in helping it all come together. We did well - the cards proved to be very popular, and our exhibition as a whole turned a small profit. Today the roadside boards will come down, and very shortly all the public's Best In Show votes will be counted - we'll be sure to keep you updated!

The Shropshire Art Society enjoyed their sketch visit to us on 8th April (and were greeted with glorious weather), and of course we are going to visit them in a return trip on 11th July, during their exhibition. Keep your eyes peeled, details to come.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Encaustic Workshop, with Diane Jennings

LAS member and experienced tutor Diane Jennings has a few spaces left for her encaustic workshop on June 6th. During the workshop, you'll use a special electric iron and coloured waxes to make 6 postcard sized ones artworks first, and then a 16"x20" one that will be framed at the end. It sounds great fun!

This workshop will be held at St Peters Parish Rooms,Henley RD, Ludlow, SY8 1QZ, 10am -3pm, and it's £45

For further details, and to see the other workshops Diane offers, follow this link!
You can reach Diane via email  or tel 01584 872013

Monday, 6 April 2015

Reminder - 8th April SAS Sketch Visit

Reposting from 27th March:

A quick reminder - on 8th April members of the Shropshire Art Society will visit the LAS, meeting at about 10.30am at the Harley Centre where our Spring Exhibition will be running, and then we'll all head out and sketch around the town together.

We haven't done an event like this before, and it's a wonderful opportunity to draw and chat with members of a different Art Society. Also, we have a visit organised to see the SAS in July - details to come.

Many thanks to LAS and SAS Member Catherine Downes for suggesting and helping organise this trip - I hope to see you there!

LAS Call to Arms - Sculptors!

I'm reposting the call-out from 24th Jan - we received a good response the first time around, but the window is near to closing so if you're interested then do get in touch!

Are you a skilled sculptor? If you are, I'd be interested in hearing from you - there may be a Fringe project that could make good use of your talents.

Drop me a line at and please use the subject LAS Sculptor

Friday, 3 April 2015

LAS 2015 Spring Exhibition

4th - 13th April 2015
at The Harley Centre, Castle Square, Ludlow
10.00am to 5.00pm daily.

The LAS's first exhibition of 2015 is now open! On the evening of April 3rd we held our Private View, which was held against a backdrop of music from the very talented Jack Brett and which was served by a selection of drinks and snacks provided by Lesley Connolly and Susanna Checketts.

We hoped to have artwork from the students of Ludlow College, but due to circumstances beyond the LAS's control at the last minute we found ourselves without. We did, however, have our first ever display of cards our members had produced, as well as our usual wide and beautifully varied selection of paintings and more sculptural pieces on the craft table, and two screens of work from our new President, Charles MacCarthy.

Local businessman and Fringe committee member Adam Tutt opened the show, and Drusilla Cole won the Castle Bookshop Choice award for one of her skillfully-executed linocut pieces, while Lesley Connolly's 'Seedheads' won the Silk Top Hat Choice and Christine Loran's 'Candlelight' was the President's Choice. There are other awards still to be handed out, and we'll keep you updated as soon as they come in!

Some photos of the hanging during the morning:

A selection of pictures from the evening:
Adam Tutt opens the show (left: musician Jack Brett)
Our card display
Blue Aga with Kettle - oil on canvas - Charles MacCarthy
At the Pont Del Oloi, Venice - watercolour - George Loades
Our craft table - featuring work from Elizabeth Moss, Jean Buerhing and Daph Willett
Blue Wash Clematis - pencil and wash - Daph Willett
Bucknell - linocut - Drusilla Cole
Chaenomeles - oil - Ruth Tune
Ludlow Tree Rabbits - acrylic - Diane Jennings
Merlin - pastel - Anne Priest
Moat Farm Autumn - watercolour - Martin Dutton
Portrait of Nicholas - acrylic - Samuel Bebb
Portrait of Gladys - oil - Gabrielle Spencely
The Slipway, Whitby - watercolour - Valerie Alexander
Towards Criccieth - pastel - Wilfred Langford
Treasure Wall - acrylic - David Tedham
Two for Joy - gouache - Miriam Bell
Willow Tit on Artichoke - ink and watercolour - Margaret Oakes

Of course, this is only a small slice of what you can see if you visit our show. If you're nearby, why not drop in? You can vote for which piece you think is 'Best in Show'!

The Pattern Sourcebook, by Dru Cole

LAS committee member Dru Cole has written many books on pattern and textiles, and mid-April has an edited re-print of her Pattern Sourcebook coming out - check out the details HERE.

Pictures from Paul Hipkiss' Talk

Paul began the talk by explaining the history of printing, from its origins in China through to modern day use. He brought a variety of printing materials with him, invited us to try our hands at etching on different materials, and demonstrated relief printing, tinting, and multi-layer stencil and relief work.

Apologies to everyone there for the issue with the lights - the Assembly Rooms are aware of the fault.

Here are some pictures from the evening (click to enlarge):

Next month, on May 14th (to avoid the May fair), we have local artist Dulcie Fulton giving us a talk and demo on the subject of letterpress work. However, before that we've got a sketch visit from the Shropshire Art Society on Wednesday 8th April and handing in and the Private View of our 2015 Spring Exhibition later today!

See you at the Harley Centre.