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Monday, 12 January 2015

Limited palette callout

Re-capping a post from 17th December:


I was thinking about writing a Spotlight post on limited palettes for January, or maybe February, and it struck me that it'd be a great opportunity to pool some of the LAS's collective knowledge - and we are a talented bunch ;)

I'll cover historical use, as well as the modern-day benefits of restricting your palette.

So, I'd love to know what limited palettes you've tried, what you like, what media they might work best in, and I'll put it together into a Spotlight post.

I'm defining 'limited palette' as no more than 6 paints (plus white, which is assumed for all non-watercolour media).

Drop me a line at  - let's see if we can start sharing some of these ideas!


This is going up as January's Spotlight post, so if you've got a favourite  limited palette setup I'd love to know!

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