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Saturday, 23 February 2013

Spotlight: "Who made this? Who Owns that?"

This Decade’s first Spotlight shines on movement. Art makes the world go round. Art can depict movement, and cause movement.
Art can inspire and activate our thoughts and confidence, in travel, relationships, environmental causes, technology’s progress, political involvement, and anything we wish to shake it at.
Art also moves things simply by its existence as physical objects that can be held as well as beheld. Paint on canvas, clay on wire…. anything etched or sketched with hand and brush, whether in a frame or out of one, can cause movement. Art’s power goes beyond its subject matter. It has value.

People buy art. But when someone buys a work of art, what moves? We may think of a painting going into someone’s car, or being shipped to an overseas collection, but In many cases the painting does not move at all. It can stay in the same gallery, on the same wall. Sometimes, when someone somewhere makes a phone call into an auction house, several millions of dollars then move between bank accounts – yet in the gallery all that happens is that the grand master painting gets a quick flick with a feather duster.
Art makes things move elsewhere.

When the money moved, suddenly someone bought a new Ferrari maybe, and some clothes, and the people who work in the shops moved around and went out dancing, because, as they say, money makes the world go round.
Transactions make people feel that they can do something new. So they do.
Art makes the world go round.

This month here is a game to celebrate how art makes movement in thoughts and action… “Who made it, and who owns it?”
Here is a bunch of images of artworks. See if you can identify the artist (and perhaps the title of the piece if you wish), and also who owns or owned the artwork.

Try it with friends. (I mean try the guessing game with friends. Don’t try auctioning your friends so that you can go on holiday.) 

If you enjoy the game, please leave a comment about your experience of it.  Thank you.
Here are the pictures. After that is a list of artists who may have made them. You can try to match them up. The answers as to who made them is through the link underneath. And then after that is a list of who owns or owned the artworks, and then a link to the answers about the people who own or owned what.
If you wish, try to match them up.

1 point for each artist you get right, and 1 point for each correct owner.
At the end are the answers.

It’s fun if you guess first who made the art works, and then check the answers, and then try to work out who owns or owned those art works.

The art works are….

Here is the list of artists and titles of the artworks.  Can you match the images to the artists?...
Jean-Pierre Roy, “Nachlass”
Ed Ruscha, “Cold Beer Beautiful Girls”
Francis Bacon, “Three Studies of Lucian Freud”
Edgar Degas, “Petite Danceuse de quatorze ans”
Carel Fabritius, “Hagar and the Angel”
Glenn Ligon, “Black Like Me No. 2”
KAWS, “Colossus”
Fernand Léger’s “Les Deux Bicyclettes”
Tracey Emin, “For You”
Bedda, “It does not matter where we are”
Thomas Hart Benton, “Back From the Fields”

To see the answers of which artwork is which, go here...

to see the list of the owners, with photographs of them, go here...

to see the full answers of works, artists and owners together....

Happy New Year

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