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Monday, 31 December 2012

Spotlight - Coles Phillips

This Spotlight looks at the work of early 20th-century "Golden Age of Illustration" artist Coles Phillips, a man known for his use of the "fade-away" style.

From the American Art Archives, here's the link:,c.htm
See you in the New Year!

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Monday, 17 December 2012

Statues for Ludlow

Recently, Tom Crowe has been spearheading a movement to bring street art, in the form of sculpture, to Ludlow. Named 'Statues for Ludlow', here's the group's Mission Statement:


Mission Statement

Ludlow is an attractive and successful town. It is a magnet for lots of tourists. It is also getting the attention of the nations chain stores, Tesco, Aldi, Coop, Barretts, Spar, Fat Face etc. This could reduce the distinctive character of Ludlow and so affect its ability to attract tourists. The commercial lifeblood of the town. In the light of these developments there is a need to emphasise the distinctive character of Ludlow, which is vital to its ability to attract visitors.

Ludlow has many attractions and many events are organized. However perhaps the addition of a few well-placed, high quality pieces of street art or statuary could help to improve the visual appearance of the town and give visitors and residents alike a moment of pleasure and pride, and unlike one off events, they would be there all the year round, an excellent investment.  There is a growing tendency for towns to foster such street statues. Good street art would address the problem of chain stores making our town look just like any other.

Good street art is not only a worthy cultural aim but it also makes sound commercial sense.

How could this be done? There could be more than one approach.

1. Private developers could be encouraged to include sculptures in their development plans.

2. Private sites could be encouraged as part of their public relations to have suitable work exhibited.

3. Lottery funding could be sought for a suitable project.

4. The 2 roundabouts on the Ludlow bypass would provide excellent sites for sculptures. This would help in navigating around Ludlow and be attractive in themselves impressing upon people using the bypass that Ludlow is a special place, worth a visit.

LAS Members - we'd love to hear your thoughts on Statues for Ludlow! For more information, please email Tom Crowe at

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Programme 2013

The programme for next year is now online, and once again we have an interesting and varied selection of speakers and plein air days for you, as well as our two annual exhibitions - you can check it out on the 'Programme 2013' page, to the right, or just click here.