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Thursday, 18 October 2012

Sam Manley at AetherCon, Live Digital Painting

This one really is different!

I've been invited to be a guest artist at the AetherCon Online Tabletop RPG Convention, 16th-18th November. Each day I'll be online for 3 hours, and during the middle hour there'll be a live stream to my desktop, so you can actually watch me paint in real time. The idea is for people to be able to text chat questions to me, and I'll be responding via microphone headset.

The times are:
    Friday     9pm - 12am (painting 10pm - 11pm)
    Saturday 6pm - 9pm   (painting 7pm - 8pm)
    Sunday   7pm - 10pm (painting 8pm - 9pm)

The link is here:
I'll be in Booth 14, which will go live at the time. You can check out all the other artists who will be there, and see when they'll be online (all times are given in EST, which is GMT -5).

It'd be great to see you there!

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