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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Upcoming - Ros Garratt's Lino-cut Landscapes

On 3rd May, Ros Garratt is coming in to give us a talk on lino-cut landscapes. Here's her artist's statement:

"As an artist I have tried to put together a collection of images that reflect the different life forms and ways of life around us. I like to view the world as an opportunity to create images that will draw our attention to the beauty of the everyday or ordinary things.

I am often drawn to landscape painting. I live in a very beautiful part of Wales, a very beautiful little country. I also have lived for a short time in Scotland on a remote island off the west coast.
My feeling is that we are affected by the geography of where we live and I suppose that is the sole reason that I want to paint it…because it affects me, it motivates me, it continuously surprises me and it has many moods. It is always changing and presents itself to me differently all the time. Sometimes it is just so lovely I just want to ‘tell it like it is’, sometimes a tree or rock will make itself remarkable to me, with real personality. That is why my paintings are all quite different. I have tried to arrange them in character groups in the hope that they will amuse the onlooker.

I have been painting in this way all my life, usually as a response to landscape. My work has included watercolour and oils and more recently printmaking in the form of lino-cuts using multiple layers of colour. I am largely self taught although I did attend Hereford College of Art in the 1980’s to complete 2 part time courses in Arts and Design followed by Fine Art, obtaining an HND. More recently I have had a lot of help from friends. In particular another painter who lives near me in Wales called Niel Bally. I am now 57 years of age and as a woman running a busy family life and small farm work really hard to create time in my life for my work as a painter, there are so many other responsibilities and demands on my time. But for me it is essential that I keep trying to paint, draw and respond to the world through the mediums that I have been working hard at mastering, such as print making."

She's also kindly sent along some examples of her work:

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