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Friday, 30 March 2012

Spotlight - Muddy Colors: 10 Things to Remember About Training

American spelling again...

On the Muddy Colors blog (which I think is interesting to follow anyway), this post by multi-award-winning illustrator Greg Manchess caught my eye. Here's what he says about it:

"“10 Things” is a post of lists, things to keep in mind as you go along. This is a series I’ve begun, based on years of painting experience and research into origins of talent, and how the brain learns. Things about drawing, painting, learning, talent, building a portfolio, working in the business, etc.

There are parallels to all forms of creating. Painting is similar to writing, acting, playing an instrument. Even scientific endeavors follow paths which are similar to all idea creation. Yet, like everything else about being an artist, these things are not set in stone. Staying flexible and thinking against the norm are hallmarks for the painter, but it won’t be easy.

Challenge is the key element. This first list is based on how to keep yourself moving along, and learning."

Here's the link:

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