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Monday, 31 December 2012

Spotlight - Coles Phillips

This Spotlight looks at the work of early 20th-century "Golden Age of Illustration" artist Coles Phillips, a man known for his use of the "fade-away" style.

From the American Art Archives, here's the link:,c.htm
See you in the New Year!

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Monday, 17 December 2012

Statues for Ludlow

Recently, Tom Crowe has been spearheading a movement to bring street art, in the form of sculpture, to Ludlow. Named 'Statues for Ludlow', here's the group's Mission Statement:


Mission Statement

Ludlow is an attractive and successful town. It is a magnet for lots of tourists. It is also getting the attention of the nations chain stores, Tesco, Aldi, Coop, Barretts, Spar, Fat Face etc. This could reduce the distinctive character of Ludlow and so affect its ability to attract tourists. The commercial lifeblood of the town. In the light of these developments there is a need to emphasise the distinctive character of Ludlow, which is vital to its ability to attract visitors.

Ludlow has many attractions and many events are organized. However perhaps the addition of a few well-placed, high quality pieces of street art or statuary could help to improve the visual appearance of the town and give visitors and residents alike a moment of pleasure and pride, and unlike one off events, they would be there all the year round, an excellent investment.  There is a growing tendency for towns to foster such street statues. Good street art would address the problem of chain stores making our town look just like any other.

Good street art is not only a worthy cultural aim but it also makes sound commercial sense.

How could this be done? There could be more than one approach.

1. Private developers could be encouraged to include sculptures in their development plans.

2. Private sites could be encouraged as part of their public relations to have suitable work exhibited.

3. Lottery funding could be sought for a suitable project.

4. The 2 roundabouts on the Ludlow bypass would provide excellent sites for sculptures. This would help in navigating around Ludlow and be attractive in themselves impressing upon people using the bypass that Ludlow is a special place, worth a visit.

LAS Members - we'd love to hear your thoughts on Statues for Ludlow! For more information, please email Tom Crowe at

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Programme 2013

The programme for next year is now online, and once again we have an interesting and varied selection of speakers and plein air days for you, as well as our two annual exhibitions - you can check it out on the 'Programme 2013' page, to the right, or just click here.

Friday, 30 November 2012

Spotlight - Underpainting Blog Post: Art is Hard

This Spotlight covers a mini-essay by Matthew D Innis, who runs the (very interesting) Underpaintings blog. The blog itself "celebrates excellence in Representational Art - past, present, and future," but this particular post explains the author's views on artistic progress, hard work and talent.

Here's the link:

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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Update - George Loades' Watercolour Demo

Remember the demo George Loades gave in November? Well, he's finished the painting, which took another thirteen hours due to the processes of layering washes and working details in.

The paitning as it was at the end of the demo:

Here's the final painting:

Thanks for sending that along, George!

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Teme Valley Youth Project Christmas Market

The Teme Valley Youth Project will have a stall at the Christmas Market in Hereford on 11th of December, and they would like to ask artists to support this event by donating Christmas cards or prints or other art work to sell on this day. All profits will go to support work of Teme Valley Youth Project with young people in North Herefordshire/South Shropshire. They are looking for Chrismas presents that people will buy on the day. If your donated artwork is not sold, it will be returned to you safely.

 For more information, please call 01568770110 or email

AetherCon Live Painting Update

Unfortunately, I've had to withdraw from AetherCon, where I was due to be live streaming digital painting, as I've been unable to resolve significant technical problems with the software required for it.

Do check AetherCon out - there are lots of artists who will be doing live painting demos! Go to the Artists' Enclave at for details of times, etc

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Pictures from George Loades' Talk

George Loades demonstrated his approach to watercolour paintings, beginning with an already-established pencil drawing and building the first few layers of paint on top of that - all he had time for! He also brought along some finshed pictures, so we could see the level of detail he prefers to include.

That's it for this year! The programme for 2013 will be up soon, and our next evening meeting will be on Thursday 7th February.

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

National Dance Company Wales Life Drawing Opportunity

This email came in earlier today, I'm sharing it word-for-word:

"Hi Sam!

I thought I’d let you know about a great little life drawing opportunity.

National Dance Company Wales are visiting Theatre Severn in Shrewsbury on 19th November 2012 at 7.30pm. Anyone that buys a ticket is able to attend Watch Dance Class free at 12.45-2pm.

Watch Dance Class is a unique opportunity to view, draw, photograph and record world class contemporary dancers in action. In the 75 minute class, you will be allowed to capture, from life, the body in motion, in any way you see fit. Bring your materials and get creative.

You can book by calling the box office or visiting the Theatre Severn website.

Thank you for your time! I Hope this interests you.

My best,
Megan Pritchard
Office Assistant
Cynorthwy-ydd Swyddfa
National Dance Company Wales
Cwmni Dawns Cenedlaethol Cymru"

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Spotlight - Building Harmonious Color [sic] with Howard Lyon

This month's Spotlight post focuses on colour relationships. Illustrator Howard Lyon has written a blog post covering his present approach to colour harmony, and it's very interesting. Take a look!

Here's the link:

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Monday, 29 October 2012

Upcoming - 2nd Ludlow Sketchcrawl

For the 2nd Ludlow Sketchcrawl, I thought I'd give a few details in case anyone wasn't sure how they're run.

We muster at 10am at the Buttercross, and head off somewhere to do some sketching. We then meet up for a coffee, then head to the second location. We break for lunch (probably at a pub, but you can bring your own), then go to the final location, finishing at about 4pm. If it's raining then we'll go to cafes, pubs and maybe somewhere like inside St Lawrence's Church.

If anybody turns up late, there'll be a notice taped to the Buttercross saying where we'll be.

The sketchcrawls are run on the first Saturday of the month, so it's this coming Saturday. Contact details are given in the 'What's On' section at the top of the blog, and there's no fee - just turn up with your kit and sketch with us!

Hope to see you there!

Don't forget, we've got George Loades giving a watercolour demo at our monthly meeting this Thursday.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Acre of Art Closing Down

I've just been told that the Acre of Art will be closing down at the end of the month. It follows that their Christmas Open Competition is also no longer happening.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Cancelled Portrait Workshop

John Davenport is teaching a portrait course at the RBSA Gallery - this may be of particular interest to anyone who was looking forward to his now-cancelled portrait workshop.

All the details can be found here:

Friday, 19 October 2012

*Updated* Urgent - John Davenport Workshop

Update - unfortunately, the place was not filled and the workshop has been cancelled.

This workshop is still one place short of the 12 required, and will be cancelled if that place is not filled by about 3pm - 4pm this afternoon!

The form is given again below, and if you'd like a place please contact Jean Simnett (details at the bottom of the form).

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Sam Manley at AetherCon, Live Digital Painting

This one really is different!

I've been invited to be a guest artist at the AetherCon Online Tabletop RPG Convention, 16th-18th November. Each day I'll be online for 3 hours, and during the middle hour there'll be a live stream to my desktop, so you can actually watch me paint in real time. The idea is for people to be able to text chat questions to me, and I'll be responding via microphone headset.

The times are:
    Friday     9pm - 12am (painting 10pm - 11pm)
    Saturday 6pm - 9pm   (painting 7pm - 8pm)
    Sunday   7pm - 10pm (painting 8pm - 9pm)

The link is here:
I'll be in Booth 14, which will go live at the time. You can check out all the other artists who will be there, and see when they'll be online (all times are given in EST, which is GMT -5).

It'd be great to see you there!

Little Hereford Christmas Fair

Little Hereford Christmas Fair - 25th November 2012

Call for entries

Following the current trend for “Artists Trading Cards” (ATC’s) and “Art Cards, Editions and Originals” (ACEO’s), this year’s Christmas Fair will have a small exhibition of local artist’s work that will be available to buy.

Size must be either 3.5” x 2.5” (8.9cm x 6.3cm) or 6” x 4” (15.3cm x 10.2cm). 

Although unframed work is preferred, work may be mounted but not framed and, due to lack of space, large mounts are not appropriate.  All work must be covered in clear cellophane (or similar) with the artists name, title of the work, medium and price on the reverse.

Any number of pieces may be submitted but they must be accompanied by a list also showing: 

·       artists name;

·       title of the work;

·       medium; and

·       price.

No entry fee will be charged but an appropriate donation the Church and Village Hall on any sales is suggested.  (20% or more would be appreciated).

Initially, please submit a numbered list of intended entries together with full details of your name, address, telephone number and e-mail to Jean Simnett Oak Barn, Upper Upton, Little Hereford, Ludlow SY8 4BB or to by 16/11/12

Entries, also with list, should be delivered to Jean, at her home, on Saturday 24th November between 09.00 and 12.00 noon.

Unsold entries to be collected from Jean after 12.00 noon on Monday 26th November; or by prior arrangement with Jean 01584 711877

Please note that no responsibility for loss or damage will be accepted.

Upcoming - George Loades' Talk

On November 1st, LAS Committee Member George Loades is going to give us a demonstration of his watercolour technique. It's the usual time, 7pm for 7.30pm.

Here's an example of George's work:

See you there!

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Acre of Art Christmas Open Competition

All the details are here. Click to enlarge.

Also, don't forget we have our final workshop of the year, portraits with John Davenport, on Saturday 3rd November. You can find application forms on the Membership and Exhibition Forms page to the right.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

SmArt Press Information

"It was thumbs up all round when Ludlow Art Society chairman, Alan Hobbs, presented prizes to children from SmArt, the Saturday morning kids' art and craft club run at the Ludlow Assembly Rooms by Tanith Kinton.

The kids – who range in age from nine to fourteen – had all exhibited their work at the LAS Summer Show held at the Harley Centre at the end of August.  The show attracted almost six hundred visitors.

"Great to see the range of talent exhibited by the smArt kids", said Alan Hobbs. "I was particularly impressed by their use of an extensive range of mixed media to illustrate a wide choice of subject".  Of special note were Allanah Griffiths-Sergeant's "Eye of the Dragon", Eryn Lawley's mosaic entitled "Portrait of My Mother", and nine year-old Tia Lello's "The Lady of Shallot"."

 LAS chairman Alan Hobbs with the SmArt exhibitors and in particular prize winners 13 year-old Allanah Griffiths-Sergean (third left), 9 year-old Kyle Taylor (first left), and 12 year-old Juliette Watkins (second left).

For further information please contact
Derek Plant on 01584 811894

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Pictures from Peter Horrocks' Talk

Before Peter began, Chairman Alan Hobbs presented Aerona Egerton with a bottle of wine as a prize for having painted the most popular picture in our Summer Exhibition. Further bottles will be given to Rob Leckey and Lesley Connolly for second and third place respectively.

Peter brought along examples of various ochres, which he presently uses exclusively in his paintings. He talked us through his materials, and demonstrated various techniques on a painting he worked on.

Next month, on 1st November, Committee Member George Loades gives us a watercolour demonstration to round out the year's talks.

104 Films Workshop Birmingham 16th October

This one's a little different, as the LAS doesn't usually cover anything to do with films.

They say: "104 films are looking for some up-and-coming talent to attend our free film workshops in Liverpool, Birmingham and Bristol over the next two months. The workshops are aimed at filmmakers with disabilities or learning difficulties aged eighteen and over from all levels - whether they have made a film, are keen on film, or just curious - we want to hear from them!"

Details from their flyer:

Invitation for New and Emerging Disabled Film Talent to a Film Workshop

Date Tuesday 16th October 2012

Venue Forward 4 Work, 6 Inkerman Street, Nechells, Birmingham  B7 4SB

Time 11am-5pm

Lunch will be provided at 12.30pm in the venue
About the Workshop

Our workshop will tell you about our work at 104 Films, and tell you how to get your career in the TV and film industry moving. We’ll have a masterclass with Steve Rainbow, Director of NFA.

We’ll do a film directing workshop with actors and camera to show you how a director works with script, performance and image and everybody will have a chance to direct.

This workshop will fill you with confidence, inspiration and show you how to start making films and working in the industry.The workshop will be led by Alex Usborne (Producer and MD of 104 Films) with Anna Savill (Producer ofNFA)running the directing workshop.

Who the Workshop Is For

You must be 18 or over for this workshop. We are looking for new and emerging disabled film talent. So if you want to make films, have started making films or just want to learn more, this workshop is for you.

How to Apply

Just send us an email at and we will be in touch. Please let us know if you have any dietary, access or support requirements when you book.

This workshop is free.

September to December at Acre of Art

Well, there's a lot to keep up with here! Click the image to enlarge it.

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Spotlight - Stanislav Prokopenko's Videos

This month's Spotlight post features the instructional videos of Stanislav Prokopenko.

Included right now are tutorials on "how to draw the head from any angle", and "how to draw eyes". There should be more videos to come.

Here's the link to Stan's YouTube channel:

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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Upcoming - Peter Horrocks Talk, and Leintwardine Plein Air

On Thursday 4th October, we have Peter Horrocks (you can find his website here: coming in to give us a talk on pigments.

Also, this Saturday we have our last plein air day of the year, out at Leintwardine, and right now the weather's looking good. We'll begin at about 10am, and carry on until around 4pm. Hope to see you there!

Friday, 7 September 2012

Wolverhampton School of Art & Design Private View

Thanks to Ruth Tune for mentioning this:

Pictures from Terry Harrison's talk

Terry brought along many of his materials and books for sale, and executed a watercolour painting using some less common techniques including elements of light on dark, and using thicker applications of paint then pushed aside to reveal a pattern over a previous layer.

Next month, on 4th October, we have Peter Horrocks giving a talk on pigments.

Before that, though, we've our last plein air day of the year on 22nd September, where we're out at Leintwardine. There's also our annual lunch on 23rd September - booking forms for this are on the Membership and Exhibitions Form page. However, there's more! On 12th September there's a watercolour workshop with John Jarvis. Again, the form is still online and on the same page.

Friday, 31 August 2012

Spotlight - TED Talk, Michael Hansmeyer: Building Unimaginable Shapes

This month's Spotlight post is courtesy of Tom Crowe, who directed me towards this video.

The description from the site: "Inspired by cell division, Michael Hansmeyer writes algorithms that design outrageously fascinating shapes and forms with millions of facets. No person could draft them by hand, but they're buildable -- and they could revolutionize the way we think of architectural form. Michael Hansmeyer is an architect and programmer who explores the use of algorithms and computation to generate architectural form."

If you know any great art websites or articles, why not share them here? Send your suggestions to - please note that this isn't for self-promotion!

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Membership Fees

Unfortunately, the cost of annual Membership has had to rise from £15 to £16 - the Membership form has been updated accordingly.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Summer Exhibition 2012 - Most Popular Artworks!

The votes are in, and the three most popular pieces this year are:

1. Aerona Egerton's 'Fulani Girl':

 2. Rob Leckey's 'Mevagissey Harbour':

3. Lesley Connolly's 'Spring Light':

Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to everyone who voted!

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Upcoming - Celebrity Talk by Terry Harrison PA SAA

On Thursday 6th September we have an evening talk given by Terry Harrison. Due to a mistake with the Assembly Rooms this is now a pay on the door event, it's £2 for LAS Members, £3 for non-Members, and it will be held in the Studio. The talk begins at 7.30pm, with the doors open from 7pm.

Terry will give two demonstrations of watercolour landscapes, and will have his own brand of materials for sale.

Pictures are forthcoming!

Friday, 17 August 2012

Pictures from the LAS Summer Exhibition 2012

18th - 26th August 2012
at The Harley Centre, Castle Square, Ludlow
10.00am to 5.00pm daily.

The last of our three Exhibitions this year, and opened by LAS Chairman Alan Hobbs, the Summer 2012 show featured not only entries from LAS Members but also works from the children's Saturday morning SMArt club.

Here are some of the works:

Rose Hips, watercolour, Margaret Booker

Spring Sunshine, pastel, Lesley Connolly

Fulani Girl, pastel, Aerona Egerton

Fish Rebirth, mild steel, Tim Harral

Still Life with Shells, oil on canvas, Miss J Hole

Sunbird, acrylic and pastel, Alastair Huddart

Mevagissey Harbour, mixed media and collage, Rob Leckey

Late Afternoon Ludlow, watercolour, George Y Loades ARBSA BWS

Calla Lillies 'Swan Lake', watercolour, Christine Loran

Dingy, Newlyn, Cornwall, oil, Keith Noble

Cornish Surf, acrylic, Derek Plant

Quintessence, acrylic, David Tedham

Helebore no 6, watercolour and pen, Daph Willet

The craft table

The SMArt kids' work
The sound is... nonexistent, really, but here's a rapid walkthrough of the Exhibition on the opening evening:

If you were able to get there, we hope you enjoyed it!

Our next Exhibition is around Easter next year.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Summer Exhibition - Equipment Needed!

At our upcoming Summer Exhibition we'd like to have Angela Conner's DVD playing for visitors (Angela played it for us at our day out at Monnington Court). However, we don't have a spare DVD player and TV for the time needed!

If anybody could provide a DVD player and a TV screen, preferably at least 17", for the duration of the Summer Exhibition (17th - 27th August, as this would include the opening on the evening of the 17th), we'd be most grateful!

If you can help, please contact me at:

Thank you!

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Summer Exhibition Last Minute Reminder!

If you haven't yet submitted your entry forms for the Summer Exhibition, remember that tomorrow is the last day to do so!

Handing in is on Friday 17th August.

2012 Open Opportunities for Artists at the Riverside Gallery run by Orleans House Gallery, Twickenham

 Picture This…Illustration Open

Deadline for submissions: 10.00am Friday 7 September 2012

Submissions to: Orleans House Gallery, Riverside , Twickenham , TW1 3DJ (not the Riverside Gallery)

Through its annual open exhibition opportunities, Orleans House Gallery in Twickenham helps artists locally, nationally and internationally to showcase their work in group exhibitions across three gallery spaces: Orleans and Stables Galleries in Twickenham and the Riverside Gallery in Richmond.

In 2012, we have further opportunities for artists to submit artwork for an exhibition at the Riverside Gallery titled Picture This….

This exhibition, which ties in with the popular Richmond upon Thames Literature Festival in November, celebrates contemporary book illustration for children. We are seeking original artwork or prints from UK-based illustrators in a range of media and styles from the vibrant, colourful and cartoon-like to the dark and surreal.

Artists can submit up to 5 works. Artworks must be submitted as high resolution jpeg files on a CD (no case), with accompanying A4 sized photographic prints or colour printouts. Original artwork or emailed submissions will not be accepted.

Please clearly label each submission with: artist’s name, title of work, date, media, approximate size and price before commission if the work is for sale (the gallery adds on 40% commission + VAT on total).

In addition, please enclose contact details (including email and postal address and contact telephone numbers), an artist’s statement and CV.

There is a £10.00 administration charge (which also contributes towards exhibition costs); £7.50 concessions (students, retired, unwaged, benefits etc. Please include proof. Please make cheques payable to ‘L.B.R.U.T’. You can also pay by credit / debit card by calling the gallery on 020 8831 6000. Your submission will not be accepted without payment. If you would like submissions returned, please enclose a stamped self-addressed envelope or stamps to the value of posting submission. Successful artists will be contacted by email or in writing approximately 2-3 weeks after the deadline.

Queries to curator Mark De Novellis at

Submission to: Picture This… exhibition, Orleans House Gallery, Riverside, Twickenham , TW1 3DJ

Monday, 30 July 2012

Spotlight - Francis Vallejo's Inspiration Blog

This Spotlight we have a blog where illustrator Francis Vallejo posts pictures, almost all figurative and preliminary works, that inspire him. There's a note for each post telling you who created the artworks, and when that person lived.

Here's the link:

If you know any great art websites or articles, why not share them here? Send your suggestions to - please note that this isn't for self-promotion!

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Portrait Workshop cancelled!

Unfortunately, due to a lack of interest, the 13th Summer School Portrait Workshop has been cancelled. Chris Bean will be in touch with anyone who has signed up, to see if they'd like to transfer to the Life Drawing Workshop.

If you've signed up but don't hear anything, please contact Chris Bean on 01584 841668.

Monday, 16 July 2012

Photos from Monnington Court

As I was unable to make it to Monnington Court today, Tom Crowe kindly took some photos. Thanks, Tom!

Angela Connor gave a talk which included a 15 minute video of her various sculptures, and explained the thoughts and process behind them.

Next month there's no evening meeting, as we have our Summer Exhibition!

Saturday, 14 July 2012

2012 Summer Exhibition, Workshops and a Lunch!

Quite a bit to cover here -

Firstly, the forms for our 2012 Summer Exhibition. You should have received these along with the most recent Newsletter, but in case you didn't or you need another copy, you can find them on the Membership and Exhibition Forms page.

Also on that page you can find forms for two upcoming workshops.

On 12th September there's a watercolour workshop with John Jarvis, and on 3rd November there's a portrait workshop with John Davenport.

Lastly, there's our Annual Lunch, at the Riverside Inn and Restaurant, Aymestrey. The form, also on the same page, includes the complete menu.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Life drawing group's summer plein air page update

There's been an update to the life drawing group's summer plein air visits page -

13th July - Croft Castle, the same as last week, given the washout then!
20th July - Tenbury Wells.
27th July - Bryn Caled

You can find the complete page on the What's On section at the top of the blog, or you can click here.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Spotlight - TED Talk, Ursus Wehrli Tidies Up Art

Do you ever feel your pictures are lacking a sense of order? Maybe this will help. Note: this isn't meant to be taken seriously! The description from the site reads:

"Ursus Wehrli shares his vision for a cleaner, more organized, tidier form of art -- by deconstructing the paintings of modern masters into their component pieces, sorted by color and size.
Comedian and cabaret artist Ursus Wehrli is on a crusade to tidy up art."

Here's the link:

If you know any great art websites or articles, why not share them here? Send your suggestions to - please note that this isn't for self-promotion!

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Upcoming - Working Day at the Sculpture Park, Monnington Court

On Saturday 14th July we're heading out to the Sculpture Park at Monnington Court for a day of plein air painting, followed by a talk from sculptor Angela Connor. There should be ample parking.

We'll arrive at about 10.30am and paint around the grounds. Angela's talk will be at 4pm. There is no charge.

There's more information on Angela and the park here:

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Pictures from Geoff Tristram's talk

Geoff Tristram gave us a humorous talk, with plenty of his paintings illustrating his anecdotes. He covered his rise as an illustrator, the problems of copyright, accidently becoming a painter of cats and his unlikely connection to Ronnie O'Sullivan, amongst other things.

You can find Geoff's work at

Next month, on 14th July, there's a day trip to the Sculpture Park at Monnington Court - details to follow!

Monday, 4 June 2012

Pictures from the LAS's Diamond Jubilee Exhibition

Many thanks to George Loades for taking these photos of the picture hanging before the Exhibition opened (click to enlarge):

Our Diamond Jubilee Exhibition is on until 4pm on Tuesday 5th June, at the Ludlow Mascall Centre, and entry is free!

If you submitted artwork for the show, please remember to collect your paintings on Wednesday 6th June between 10am and 11am.

The pictures above have been added to the Exhibitions page for 2012, just below the pictures from the Spring Exhibition.