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Monday, 27 February 2017

Spotlight: Ekaterina Ziuzina, watercolour artist

This month Spotlight takes a focus on the work of Ekaterina Ziuzina, a watercolour artist based in Belarus.
Flowers growing from fragile vessels, ships on a sea, on a journey. Much of Ziuzina's work features two examples of an object or concept, in harmony and in succession.

As one lays down....  A tag team. In turns.  

Where there is a shining precious vessel, there are also those around it, so that it shines.
Before turning professional Ziuzina was an architect, which may be apparent if we consider architecture as the art of where people live. The jug seems to represent a Societal construct, which can last longer than those around it. Just one jug, but two of each fruit, because fruits seed more fruits, and on it goes, and grows. No two are the same, but they all nourish.

Garlic. Cloves grow new plants, which multiply the cloves down generations, and many cloves go off to make fine dishes. 

Kettles, teapots, vessels....  Different styles, capacities, origins and ways to flow. Sharing the experience. One to another.

Sam Manley is stepping down as Chairman of the Ludlow Art Society, having started as LAS' youngest ever Chairman, and forged the Society onwards. John Jarvis is stepping up from Treasurer to Chairman.  And on it goes, and grows.
Watercolours are not just still life. To me these paintings inspire participation in a great Society.
Thank you Sam.  Thank you John.

A video of Ekaterina Ziuzina's paintings is at
   I hope they inspire you, in art, in deed.

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