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Coming Up:
*** Sun. 8th July: 10am-4pm Outdoor Painting at Wyre Forest, DY14 9XQ ***
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Sunday, 4 September 2016

Pictures from Frances Newman's Talk

Last Thursday, Frances' gave us an evening talk that was both fascinating and unique. She began by talking about her background and how she got into art therapy, and explained what it was, how it worked and how it's applied with regards to other therapeutic practices. After a break, we came back and she led us through an exercise where we paired off and took turns, in 10-minute sections, to draw a fear we felt comfortable talking about while our partner observed, talking about what we did and what was observed, and then swapping roles.

You can see pictures from the evening below (the drawings are from books, and full permission has been obtained to display them):

Click to enlarge the images!

Next month, on Thursday 6th October, we welcome Frances Clarke who will be presenting her talk 'Science as an Aid to Evaluating the Relationship Between Man, Art and Nature'. See you there!

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