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Saturday, 17 September 2016

Canwood Gallery - major new gallery and sculpture park shows the power of "Can"

A new gallery and art park has opened, which clearly has serious backing, and a strong vision.
The space and the art look to be very high quality from the word Go.  Looks like a place to get into, as an artist or visitor.
In the 1970’s the gallery owner, then a farmer, became critically ill with leukemia, and was sent down to Bart’s hospital in London, to take part in a medical trial as a last ditch attempt to try and save his life. In between some pretty severe treatments, including radiation and mustard gas amongst many others, he decided to venture out and took a black cab and asked where he could go to see something different.  The driver took him to the Tate and refused to take any fee.  Upon walking into the Tate the first thing he saw and found great inspiration in was the controversial Carl Andre’s bricks.  It was the first of many visits.  Whether it was the inspiration from art or the treatment, or both, he was the only person in his batch of 12 to survive to this day.
It has always been his desire to give something back and to build a gallery in Herefordshire where people could experience interesting art for free.
What makes this project even more phenomenal and unknown at the time of commission, is the architect also had leukemia and was treated by Bart’s hospital under the very same doctor.
They've got Carl André's bricks as part of their inaugural show, plus established folk like Angela Connor, and what look to be some very promising newbies.
Canwood Gallery is a green gallery providing it’s own electricity via solar panels and it is heated via a ground source heat pump.
The current show runs until 18th September, as part of h-Art.  What will this new, punchy contender do next?

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