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Saturday, 21 May 2016

Words for Art Workshop

Do you remember the Words for Art exhibition in the Library and the Feathers during last Fringe? Well, the project has some legs and has been carried on over the last year with some fascinating results - and now, in partnership with film makers Martin and Keri and LAS committee member Frances Clarke, Membership Secretary Tom Crowe is running an exciting new Words for Art workshop during the 2016 Fringe.

The workshop will bring together artists and poets, invite them to show their individual works, and see if new collaborative partnerships can be formed!

You can find all the information on the Words for Art page (the button's to the right), but we'll also include it below for convenience:


Words for Art

This video embedded below is a trailer of the films made so far to document the unique artists and poets collaboration event from Ludlow Fringe 2015:

There's a workshop coming up to help bring together artists and poets once again for this exciting project...

Programme for the 

7pm, Thursday 23rd June - tickets £12

On display there will be pictures of the current video work, cards of the same, a DVD, and a mock-up of the potential publication.

1. Participants are given a name tag - on this they can add any detail they want - and they are invited to display their work.

2. Chairman introduces Martin and Keri, the film makers.

3. The existing Words for Art videos are shown.

4. Critique and general discussion from the floor.

5. Break with refreshments.

For further details please see the poster below (click to enlarge!) :

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