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Monday, 14 March 2016

** Spring Exhibition Update **

A number of LAS members have been in contact about our 2016 Spring Exhibition, wondering if, given the lack of forms so far, it is still going ahead. The plans is that yes, it is, but there is an issue that is currently being dealt with at the venue.

We are holding off sending any forms out yet as our exhibition sub-committee is in contact with St Laurence's right now over an issue with the pews, given that our exhibition space is going to be where they are.

The pews were supposed to have come out before now, (not a small job, as they're on platforms which are sunk into the floor so my understanding is that the floor will need re-surfacing) but administrative issues at the church have meant that this is a little behind schedule. Our exhibition sub-committee has a meeting scheduled with church staff for the 24th of March, during which we hope to hear that everything will proceed as planned, and the forms will go out.

However, should this not be the case, and given that we cannot use our screens as we did last year (zig-zagged in the chancel - some church attendees were unhappy they couldn't see through to the misericords at the back so we would have to have our screens flat against the walls, only allowing hanging on one side of them) and we would either have to be significantly reduced in exhibiting space or have the show split across the church and very hard to steward, the sub-committee has recommended that the Spring exhibition not go ahead this year as it would not do justice to what an LAS show should be. It's certainly frustrating, but we're working hard to do all we can, and there will be a further update here as soon as I have news from the sub-committee (25th at the latest an update will be posted).

We have looked at other opportunities to exhibit before our summer show, though, and there will be an LAS exhibition in town as part of the Ludlow Fringe Art Trail, which will take place in June - forms for this will be available soon. In addition, we are looking to expand on the permanent exhibition at the Pea Green Cafe with another permanent exhibition later this year by the gift shop at the church. Also, we are preparing for a 70th Anniversary Sketchbook project, in which we plan to invite all members of the LAS to create a piece of work on a surface we will provide, and then both collect these into a 70th anniversary book and have the work on display at our summer exhibition in August.

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