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Sunday, 7 February 2016

Pictures from Matt Smart's Talk

On Thursday 4th February we began our programme for the year with an amazing talk from sculptor Matt Smart. Matt brought along a number of his sculptures (which we showed in the preview post for this event, link HERE) as well as some of the earths he likes to work with, and explained his thoughts behind the creation of his art, which is informed by the way that he looks at the world.

As the talk ended we found ourselves in an animated discussion on the philosophies behind art, communication, and an individual's connection with and influences (many unconscious) from our surroundings.

You can see, below, some pictures from the evening - click to enlarge them:

Matt's works will be back in Ludlow over the Fringe Festival, so keep a look out for updates on this blog.

We also ran the first of our Monthly Draw mini-events that evening. If you weren't there, here's how it works:

1) During the break, audience members are asked to write a simple topic down on a piece of paper. These pieces are added to a hat and one is drawn - this is the topic for the month.
2) During the month, any LAS members who would like to take part are invited to make a drawing or sketch on the given theme, and bring it to the next meeting.
3) This does not have to be a finished piece, sketches are very welcome. There are also no limits on medium and no restrictions on size (though for myself, I'm looking at A4 as something easier to travel with).

We tested it out this time with a topic that just the Committee members worked on, 'Chinese Fish', an idea given to us by Tom Crowe. We did draw a new topic from a host of suggestions, and if you'd like to have a go next month then the theme for our next meeting (our AGM on Thursday 3rd March) is Construction Site. See you at the AGM!

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