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Saturday, 23 January 2016

Query - Potential Shared Studio

The old Sitting Room, above the Thai Box, is going to be rented out in the near future. What we'd like to do is see how many LAS members would, in theory, be interested in clubbing together to split the rent and use the space as a communal studio. The LAS used to have a studio of our own, but our members haven't had the opportunity to use such a space for quite some time.

The old SR has a sink, socket for a kettle, and a bathroom. For lighting, we think it would be suitable but of course we'd ask to have a look around with lighting specifically in mind.

For now we're just making a list of how many people are interested, but if there's enough of a response then we can start getting into details. This is obviously not open-ended as other people will be looking to rent the space too.

A couple of LAS members have already expressed interest - if you'd like to get some more details, then please drop me a line at

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