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Sunday, 8 November 2015

6th November 2015 - Paul Weaver’s watercolour workshop at Little Hereford Village Hall.

After a stunning demo at the Ludlow Art Society’s evening meeting 5th November, eight participants met to take part in Paul’s watercolour workshop.  LAS member Margaret Booker had recommended Paul for both events and what an excellent suggestion it was.  At £25.00 for the day we more than got our moneys worth!

Paul started us off with technical tips on applying watercolour to obtain different effects and to give a variety of marks to suggest three dimensional objects.  He provided a selection of photographs of figures, and we concentrated on painting these quickly, applying paint in these various ways whilst getting a sense of shape, mass and movement in the figures.  

Then it was buildings in street scenes; he started with tips on cropping our own photos to obtain the best composition and then roughly sketching them out, onto rough paper, and including tone to check that the composition would work effectively.  Next he thoroughly demonstrated painting both sunny and rainy scenes, including suggestions for colour mixes for various parts of buildings and also to give a sense of distance.  

The rest of the day was spent by us drawing out our own compositions and then painting them whilst Paul continually helped, assisted and suggested ways of improving our work.  It was certainly one of the most informative and useful workshops I have attended and I believe all attending were of the same opinion.  Paul strongly believes in teaching his students how to solve the problems themselves, rather than just giving them something to “fill in”.  

Few of us managed to finish our work but here are a few photos I took during the day showing some of Paul’s demos, completed in record time, and some of our attempts.

Pauls Demo

Some student's efforts

Pauls demo of a street scene

the student's effort


More student's efforts

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  1. That looks inspiring. Such great composition work - the perspectives, and shading of figures is made to look easy. And the colour balances... Looks like a lot of technique was shared - and fun too !