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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Spotlight: The Palette Project

This month, Spotlight is going to take a look at the Palette Project, which was posted on James Gurney's blog Gurney Journey back in 2008. Artist and 'colour detective' James Peck (whose site is sadly not currently accessible) stated:

"My initial goal was to compare these palettes to see which colors were most favored by artist then and now. I also hoped to explore the reasons why some of these artists used a limited palette as opposed to what I'm calling an expanded palette. I decided that a chart or graph would be the best way to explore this."

The post is HERE, but when you've read it do come back, because this month there's a little more.

Back? Excellent - James Gurney ran a couple of similar tests, one you'll have seen mentioned in the post above. The first results (for all paint) is HERE, and a later poll purely for watercolour has results HERE. I'm now going to turn Spotlight on us, and ask that we do something similar.

So, if you're an LAS member, drop me a line ( with your 8 most indispensable colours (excluding the whites, and keeping media to oil, acrylic, gouache, watercolour, casein and tempera). I'll collect these over a month, and publish the results in late October.

Let's see what the composite Ludlow Art Society palette of 2015 looks like, and how it compares with the composite old masters' palette and the palettes of the readers of Gurney Journey in 2008 and 2014.


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