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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

The Big Draw 2014

The Campaign for Drawing's annual event, The Big Draw, is taking place between 1st October and 2nd November and runs across the UK and twenty other countries. Some of the events are for kids, but there are others aimed at adult artists, too!

Locally, there are a couple of events happening. On 5th October there's From Micro and Macro at Carding Mill Valley - all the details are HERE.

On 11th October there's... something (details are sketchy, pun intended) at Apley Farm Shopnear Bridgnorth, in association with he Campaign for Rural England - details HERE.

Near Cradley there'll be an exhibition of postcard-sized art (but send yours in before 1st October!) at the Blue-Ginger Gallery - details HERE.

On 18th & 31st October there's tile-making at the Museum of Royal Worcester - details HERE.

From 18th October to 1st November there's a huge mosaic-making event, again at the Museum of Royal Worcester - details HERE.

On 25th October, you can draw from nature at St. Peter's Church, Cradley - details HERE.

On 27th & 30th October, at Malvern Theatres, there's an opportunity to get involved with some drawing - details HERE.

From 27th - 31st October, there's a large-scale mixed-media piece being created at Blists Hill Victorian Town - details HERE.

On 28th & 29th October you can create cathedral-inspired artwork at Worcester Cathedral - details HERE.

On 28th - 30th October, at Newhampton Arts Centre in Wolverhampton, drop in a draw your own lunch! Details HERE.

On 29th October, again at Newhampton Arts Centre, draw your own island in the sun - details HERE.

Then, on 29th October, Hereford Museum and Gallery hosts The Big Draw Herefordshire in the Great War - all the details are HERE.

Again on 29th October there's a drawing session focusing on industry, at Batnock House Museum, Wolverhampton - details HERE.

Once more, on 29th October, there are frog-based (?) arts and craft activities at Southwater, in Telford. Details HERE.

On 30th October, be a part of your own projected drawing at Wolverhampton Art Gallery - details HERE.

On 1st November a collage is being made at Worcester's Tudor House Heritage Centre - details HERE.

If you do get involved, why not send over a photo or scan of what you did, and let us know what you thought of the events?

The Big Draw's website is

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