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Monday, 29 September 2014

Spotlight - the Art of War and Propaganda

This month, Spotlight's looking at artwork created during wartimes.

Firstly, the National Archives have 350+ pieces of art that they've made publicly available to view online. It "includes oil paintings, drawings, posters, caricatures and portraits produced as propaganda for the Ministry of Information during the Second World War." Here's the LINK

Also, there's an article on 100 Years of Propagands: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - this covers art from across the world, right up to the present day. Here's the LINK

This work can be assessed in several ways - the political message at the time, how elements of design have been exaggerated to convey or stress a certain meaning, or how compositions and colours have been chosen to create a poster with immediate visual impact. It can also be interesting to look back and see how styles have changed over the years.

If you know any great art websites or articles, why not share them here? Send your suggestions to - please note that this isn't for self-promotion.

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