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7th February: Peter Bishop: "Aspects of Drawing the Line"


Thursday, 3 April 2014

Pictures from Mike Flight's Talk

Mike brought along several pieces of work, preparatory sketches and stencils and a Jimi Hendrix-themed canvas and folding door. He explained a little about how far back in history stenciling goes, and covered his preferred approach of still keeping a painterly feel about his work despite working with stencils. Below are some pictures from the evening:

To attribute artists correctly, in the bottom left picture the Boy George artwork Mike's holding was done by Pistol Art, and the Heisenberg / Walter White artwork on the table was done by Deeds, a former student of Mike's.

Mike, Deeds, myself, Lesley Connolly, Chris Bean and 5 others will be taking part in a day-long Paint Jam (public painting on 6ft x 3ft boards) in Castle Square on Sunday 15th June as part of the Ludlow Fringe Festival.

Next month, on May 8th (to avoid the May Fair), we have Rob Leckey giving us a talk on watercolour and acrylic mixed media paintings. I'll see you there, but hopefully I'll see you before that at the private view of our Spring Exhibition at 5.30pm, Friday 11th, at the Harley Centre!

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