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Friday, 7 March 2014

Pictures from the AGM

It was a reasonably well-attended evening, and it was decided not to charge entry for this or any future AGMs. A number of good suggestions were made, which the Committee will discuss at their next meeting. The Committee itself has changed slightly - I have taken the position of chairman, with the previous incumbent, Alan Hobbs, becoming vice chairman. You can see the complete lineup here. Also, Val Alexander has announced that after this year she will step down as publicity secretary.

The bring and buy was well received, with a number of people offering materials they weren't going to use. Perhaps unsurprisingly, oil paints and pastels were among the more popular items.

Quite a few people brought pictures to talk about, and you can see some of them below:

Next month, on April 3rd, it's a demo and talk on street art from Mike Flight, a former teacher at Kidderminster College. See you there!

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