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Coming Up:
Sun 4th August: Outdoor Painting at Brampton Bryan Scarecrow Sunday
Sun 18th August: Social Evening at Blue Boar, 8pm


Sunday, 10 July 2011

Secret Hills Art Cafe Summer Festival 2011

There are a number of workshops being held soon by the Secret Hills Art Cafe -

Aug 1st - Drawing and Painting Angels, with Thelma Ayre BA and Liza Harding BA (hons)
Aug 2nd - Aquarelle Crayon and Watercolours, with Beverly Fry
Aug 3rd - Abstracting the Landscape, with Thelma Ayre BA
Aug 4th - Having Fun with Mixed Media, with Valerie Alexander NDD, SFP, ARBSA
Aug 4th - 3D and Simple Sculpture, with Sue Campbell BA (hons) and Liza Harding BA (hons)
Aug 5th - Crazy Patchwork, with Marietta Alker

Here are the posters (click to enlarge):

 They also have an exhibition at the Discovery Centre from 23rd July to September 18th - drop by and take a look!


  1. The internet is a great medium for sharing and distributing information. However its fundamental motive is 'sharing.'

    So its pertinent to ask whether the organisers of the different events our website is promoting offer the same level of publicity to the LAS.

    It's worth noting that members of the Society have always voluntarily given their time and expertise for free. The organisers of the events the website is publicising are operating on a commercial basis.

  2. Bob
    I agree that the aim of our website and blogspot is to inform our members and add value by publicising items of interest which is what is currently happening. A free exchange of ideas is a healthy situation without a quid pro quo aspect - Sam carry on the good work

  3. I fully agree with Lee, the function of the website should be to inform our members of what is going on within the Society and also what's going on in the art world around and about - what's that got to do with money? Excellent work, Sam!

  4. I the views expressed in the last two comments take a rather limited view. I've always thought that the website should also give members a 'voice' to talk about their general artistic interests rather than just find out about 'What's On'

    There were two contributions to the old website which Sam has kindly carried over the links to this one.

    The comments facility does not allow the insertion of links but if the following text is copied and pasted into a web browser the page will show what else can be offered.

  5. Bob, I appreciate your wish for members to have a voice, post things of interest, etc. However, as noted in the 'Spotlight' posts, this is done by sending any relevant links, etc, to me at - going through a moderator prevents potential chaos, and this way allows for articles and links to be seen clearly.